Sister Denton's Marvelous Mission: 1/3/12- Letter to the World

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

1/3/12- Letter to the World

Hello World!!
Let's get down to business!  Name that song :D  Actually...I'll make a parody!
Let's get down to business to defeat Satan
Heed your DL's orders, and you won't go wrong
We're the strangest bunch you've ever met,
but you can bet that in some time
Elder, you'll have success and baptize!
To kick off the day we got to see Clara again, and both of her kids were there!  They all listened for a little while, though it was mostly distractions lol.  Whatcha gonna do?  She did commit to church, though!  We went to the library to be stood up and then headed off to Luthercare to chat with our people.  We also pushed some wheelchairs down for "Singalong with Mitch"  Does anyone actually know what that is?  After that, we went to a member's home and taught a little lesson and tried a Part-member family to no avail.  We had dinner with the Butterfields and then got to go see Sis Hammond for the first time in forever!  We met at Sis White's and then she drove us to Sis Hammond's.  It was a fabulous lesson and she recommitted to be baptized on Feb 4 with Sis White's son!  So cool!
After weekly planning, we headed down to see our Italian investigator, Deven.  We taught lesson 1, but I'm not sure how much the language barrier is going to affect us.  Next we headed to the Stones where we were able to see a few of them and have a really good lesson.  We had dinner with the Carsons and then headed to a less active appointment.  They weren't there, so we headed back to Lititz and saw Sis Heaton for our weekly Friday visit!  We got to get her hooked on family history :D  My specialty!
We went to see Laura in the morning, but she had something come up.  We headed home for lunch and then went to the library to get stood up.  We were WAY out of miles because the Elders had used our car for a few days while we were in Pittsburgh and blown through them, so we walked 3 miles to contact a referral who told us she wasn't interested in a matter of about 20 seconds.  We stopped at a less active house on the way home and met his non-member fiancee...hopefully we can start getting in there!  We then walked the rest of the way home and went to the Day house and helped clean.  We had to be in at 6 for New Years.  Party up lol. 
We were at the church for 10 hours.  Count 'em. 
8:50 arrived for Ward Council
9-10:30 Ward Council
11-2 Church
2-2:30 Lunch in kitchen...reheated pizza
2:30-3 Personal Study
3 Meeting with Bishop
3:30-4 Personal Study
4-6 comp study
6-6:45 dinner in kitchen...cup a soup
We stopped by Mariam's because she's not been answering.  Turns out her bro has the phone now.  It was good to see her though!  We stopped by the Stones again since they'd not made it to church and got to see Bro Stone.  Then we went to see Sis Kensington, another less active, to finish out the night.
We basically shopped and slept.  Oh ya.  When it was time to go out, we went to the Days and got to teach John.  HE COMMITTED TO A DATE!!!  Jan 24.  I'm SO excited. I love this kid!  His mom also fed us these awesome fried green banana things stuffed with meat.  She's awesome!  We went to see Clara, and she was sick, so we brought her some Sprite and Ginger Ale.  Then we went to see a less active member to deliver a message and then turned around and came right back home!
This morning we taught the Hilliers.  That went pretty well!  We got to watch "Only a Stonecutter," which is AWESOME.  Then we drove home and walked to Claire's house for a very interesting lesson.  Then we walked here!  Tonight we're going to make some chocolate popcorn with John as a Word of Wisdom prize and then teach a lesson.  We're also going to see Laura  and hopefully Sis Rich!  We'll see :D
Love ya'll!
Sister Denton
Cooking tip from Sis Denton--if you start cooking Kraft Macaroni and Cheese and realize you don't have any butter, Alfredo sauce is not an equal substitute, although it does add some flavor!

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