Sister Denton's Marvelous Mission: 1/9/12- Letter to the World

Monday, January 9, 2012

1/9/12- Letter to the World

Hello World!!

Well weather this week has been NUTS!!  We had FREEZING cold days and days over 60!  Still no snow, really.  We've had accumulation twice this winter--once in October and once in December.  The one in December was way less than an inch.  It's so crazy!

Now for the work this week:

After e-mailing, we went to Bernard's and made chocolate popcorn with them and taught more about baptism.  Bernard is so awesome!  After than, we went to Sis Russell's house--love her!  We were there a little early, so we decided to tract for like 10 minutes.  The first house was this guy from England named Sam.  We got a Return Appointment!  Woot!  After Sis Russell we headed home.

After District Meeting, we went to an appointment who canceled when we were almost there.  We went tracting and stopped by a less active to set up a return appointment.  Awesome dinner with the Sheltons, as always.  Next we went to the church to get stood up 3 times in a row.  Nice.  We went home and then went to teach Laura, but she canceled as well.  Fun stuff!

We had to bring a Bible out to the sisters in the next area over.  We made it back just in time to go to Luthercare and chat with our ladies.  Afterward we tried a couple of less actives and an investigator to no avail.  Our dinner appointment got sick, so we went home for dinner.  We were able to stop by Clara's and teach her a little lesson.  We were actually just stopping by to confirm for Friday, but she let us teach!  We went out that night until going to Bernard's to watch a movie about Pres Monson.  It was kind of crazy, but I hope it helped increase his testimony of him!

After Weekly Planning, we had some sisters in the ward take us out to Saladworks--PA's version of Zupa's.  We went to Clara's and watched the Restoration with her.  We went to try some people that night, and they pretty much all fell through again.  We did get to see a less active, so that was good!

We started the day at Clara's--her kids were there for the weekend.  Apparently the first thing her daughter said when she got there was that she wanted to go to church again!  Her son also wanted to.  Clara had been sick and wasn't planning on going, but the kids got her there!  The kids are kind of nuts, but when we started reading a chapter from the Book of Mormon, they both calmed down and started reading with us!  It was SO cool!  The Book of Mormon is awesome!  We went to Deven's, but she wasn't there, so we tracted more.  We had dinner at Arby's (did you know they stopped selling their Chicken Salad sandwich?  lame!) and then went to try some more people.  We did get to see Laura that evening, which was good.  She's moving into the Elder's area soon.

Bernard didn't make it to's really hard for him that his family doesn't come, I think.  After church, we tried a couple of people.  We ended up going to see Sis Bell, which was great.  We had dinner at the Pratt's--always guaranteed to be a good time.  It was DELICIOUS Hispanic food--cafe rio levels of goodness!  They had invited another fam in the ward over, too, so it was great.  We had a good lesson and then met with Bro Pratt (he's our ward mission leader).

Well, I'm going to go out now and try to do as my brother Chazz encouraged--"Well until next week have a good one and spread the gospel like its Book of Mormon peanut butter on mission field bread... All over the place!"

Love ya!  This work is the Lord's!

Sister Denton

Cooking tip for the week:  All pastas give you a suggestion for how much water to put in the pot to boil it.  It is not necessary to follow those directions when you drain the water, for example when making macaroni or tortellini.  However, when making Top Ramen, it is vital that you put in the correct amount of water.  Too much will make the seasoning very bland and the noodles practically unedible.  Just sayin' :D

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