Sister Denton's Marvelous Mission: 1/17/12- Letter to the World

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

1/17/12- Letter to the World

Hello World!!

Can you believe it's the middle of January?!  Crazy!!

We went to Intercourse and Paradise....Amish towns.  'Twas fun!  That night we went tracting and met a few awesome people.  First was Marcene, a daughter of a less active in our area.  I REALLY did not want to go out tracting that nigth and I said a little prayer that someone would let us in...she did!  It was great!  At the end of the street, we met Graham, who looks like Grandpa Sherwood!  He talked for FOREVER, but he said we could come back!  He believes Joseph Smith was a mennonite and shot someone on his way out West...we've got some basics to teach :D We were running late by the time we got done and still had to make it home for curfew, so we ran to our car.  The problem was, we'd been standing there in 30 degree weather for 30-45 minutes and our feet and legs were frozen.  We could barely run and we were totally waddling like old women as we tried to run back to the car.  We kept looking at each other and laughing so hard that we could barely move.  Way fun.

We started with Sis Kelleys, our only progressing investigator, and had a good lesson.  After that, we went tracting.  As we were walking, I saw a women out and we went to "Open Your Mouth" her.  I gave a whole spiel about The Book of Mormon and she looked at Sister Page and said, "Do you get headaches"  "Yes"  "Ya...I thought so...God told me."  She then preceded to pray a blessing of healing upon her, including touching her head.  I was struggling with what we should do in this situation when she turned to me and said, "Do you have back trouble?"  "Yes"  "Ya...God told me that.  Can I pray for you?"  :"Sure"  She then touched my back as she said a prayer for me as well.  Not too often you get healed on the streets of Lititz!  We continued tracting and found one person that was interested, but she was a minor.  We set a return appointment and asked her to clear it with her mom.  Her mom wasn't a fan of us, so we're not able to see her again.  We went to dinner at the Vaughans and they made WAFFLES!!!  I miss breakfast food so much.  I also was daydreaming about those broiled hoagies we always made....oh ya.

We had a fabulous District Meeting and then went out to contact some potentials before teaching Sis Wood.  We had dinner with the Brintons and then went to follow up with some more people.  We met this awesome girl named Valene who I really hope we can start teaching!  She was really excited about getting a Book of Mormon.

We finally got in with a less active that we've been trying for awhile and had a fabulous lesson.  We went to Spa Day at Luthercare and were able to do some manicures.  They're going to start doing more activities, so rather than just visiting with the women, we'll get to play games and service ever!  We taught Sis Kelleys again and it was great!  It was the Word of Wisdom, so we were a little leery, but she agreed to live it!  We went to dinner with the Garrisons and laughed way too much...they're hillarious.  We ended up tracting more Thursday night and got some great potentials!  I found out from later consolidating the potenitals forms that some of them were potentials from the summer that never got followed up with!

After Weekly Planning, we did some running around as we tried to follow up with potentials and less actives.  We had dinner with the Mcdonald/Caldwell family--love tthem!  After that, we went to a first appointment, but he had to reschedule.  We stopped by Bernard's and got to teach a little lesson there and then ran to the Heatons.  Our car was acting up, so her son checked it out and we didn't have time for a lesson.

We started with helping the Day family clean up their Christmas decorations.  We had lunch there.  As we left, the dog got out, so we had to go chase him down along with some men that were playing football up the street.  A new family moved in, so we made them some chocolate popcorn during the rest of our lunch break and dropped it off on the way out.  We got stood up for an apopintment, but got to stop by Soila's.  We had a GREAT lesson with her about following the prophet and she is still set with Feb 11.  We went to Sis Mason's, our Italian investigator, and ended up dropping her.  She is very not interested in changing religion.  We went home for dinner and then headed out to track down some women for the Relief Society President.  We ended our day with the Stones--love them!

After meetings and additional study, we went to the Brown/Klein's house for dinner.  It was fun as always!  Afterward, we only had time to finish up our studies.  Sundays are just stock full of meetings!

Nothing too fun for P-Day.  We went to our appointment with Sam (the one from England) and he wasn't there, so we taught Sis Russell.  We went to Sis Kelley's next and got to teach a little lesson.  We were going to head out tracting, but stopped by the Day house for a little lesson.  They were just making dinner and invited us to eat, so we got some more marvelous food as well.  That finished out our night.

Today we have interviews with President.  Should be fun!

Love ya!

Sister Denton

Homemaking Tip:  If you are going to sew up the hole in the pocket of your coat, thourougly check for items that may've fallen through it first so you don't find a pen in the lining of your coat a couple of days later.  Just sayin :D

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