Sister Denton's Marvelous Mission: September 2011

Monday, September 26, 2011

9/26/11- Letter to the World

Hello World!!!

Man, being a missionary is AWESOME!  Just sayin' :D

First of all, shout out to the THREE new South Jordan elders coming out this next Tuesday!  They're all in the MTC now, I guess, but we're welcoming Elder Mouritsen, Elder Nelson, and Elder Spohn.  Three points for South Jordan!  Woot!

For P-Day we took pictures on campus, which was way fun.  I'll try to send some pictures.  It was just tracting after that

Tuesday was AWESOME!  We had exchanges and I got to be with Sister Quijano from the Philippines.  We came out together, but weren't in the same District since she's international.  'Twas so fun!  We did a forum for a little bit (where we set up a table and contact people on campus).

Next we got to teach Zack for the first time in a few weeks!  It was SO good to see him again and I think he felt the same.  He said he'd been reading from the Book of Mormon and keeps it by his bed to read at night!  Awesome!  We taught the Law of Chastity and he told us it is needed in China.  It's needed here too :D  Zack is just amazing.

Next we got stood up by Leonel, but he later told us he had an advisor meeting that ran long, so we have an appointment with him again this week.  Since we had lunch on campus, I got to play on the baby grand, which was wonderful :D

Next we taught Alan, a new investigator from last week, and set him with a date of October 9!  Woot!  He's a sophomore at Penn State from China.  He's awesome!

We went to our dinner appointment and then went to teach the Rojass with Sis. Skinner.  It was a lot of question and answer again, but it was just Sis. Rojas this time, which actually helped a lot.  We knew they had an issue with people who don't believe in infant baptism, and that was the first question she had.  I said, "Do you think babies who aren't baptized go to hell?"  "No"  "Then why do you do infant baptism?"  "I guess it's a comfort."  So Sis Skinner was able to tell about baby blessings!  This church is so true!!

After District meeting, we were supposed to teach Caden, but he canceled, so we ended up tracting a lot.  We got a lot of lessons, though, so it was good.  We went to the Miles's, this awesome family from Mexico.  While there, she called the Matts family we met a week or so ago and they had a great conversation.  They seem to already be friends, which is awesome!  Hopefully we can start teaching the Matts.  We did more tracting tha tevening.

After studies, we went out and tracted.  Seems to be a favorite pastime :D  One funny story...
*knock knock knock
*person sticks their head out from a back room--short white hair, collared shirt, slacks, sitting in an office chair with a phone.  Sis. Denton's head registers "man"
*person says, "Come on in" in a high voice.  Sister Denton's head registers "woman....or man with high voice."
We can't go in if it's a man...but how do we find out if it's a woman?
"Is there a woman home?"
"I am a woman..."
shoot...what now?
"Is there another woman home?"
"Okay, we'll just leave this card in your door then.  Do you want us to come back?"
"I don't even know who you are."
"We're missionaries."
"Don't worry about it."
Okay, so it was super awkward.  Especially because afterward Sis M was like, "Why couldn't we go in?" "We could." "So why didn't we?"  "Because then she'll know that I didn't know she was a woman."  And as our Branch mission leader pointed's not like she didn't know.  Lame.
Richie canceled on us.  We taught Suzanne, one of our new investigators.  She was awesome.  We have another appointment next week.
We got to go teach a LA family.  They were awesome!  I forgot how much I love less active work!  That's basically all we did in Lancaster.

We got to teach Kalea!  She's still doing well, though not reading as much.  She came to the RS broadcast though!

Went to baptism for the other sisters--Alan Terrell Bao from China.  Love that kid!  He's 18 and awesome.  We went tracting for awhile and after dinner went to the INCREDIBLE Relief Society Broadcast.  Watch the talk by President Uchtdorf if you haven't already!

Zack and Alan came to church!  Yay!  We had dinner with an awesome couple.

Missionary work is awesome!  I'm out of time!  Love you all tons!  The church is true :D

Sister Denton

Monday, September 19, 2011

9/19/11- Letter to the World

Haha...funny story

I'm sitting in the library and there are these two boys behind me at another computer doing some sort of financial chart.  I've not heard pretty much any of their conversation until just now--"The profit is not gross."  Haha...that may be true, but what I heard was, "The prophet is not gross!"  Ahh, joys of being completely surrounded by the gospel.   Another sister just showed me a letter from home about her return missionary brother--apparently he's having trouble socially because he can't have a conversation without bringing up the gospel.  Pretty sure I'm going to have that problem.  Just sayin'.

Okay.  Well Hello World!  I hope all is going well!  It's been a FABULOUS week!

It was my debut at early morning seminary!  We got to teach "How to teach the Plan of Salvation to your friends."  It was fun!  Sis. Mcdaniel, the teacher, took us out to The Waffle House afterward.  Yum!  We went to play Ultimate, but I was SO tired, so I took a nap in the grass and used a tree root as my pillow.  Did you know tree roots have sap on them too.  Ya.  'Twas a good nap though!  We met some great people who we'll hopefully be able to teach!

We got a new investigator--Leonel from India.  We had met him tracting and taught him on campus.  He believes in all Gods, but is willing to learn more!  We went to teach Sis. Rich the Word of Wisdom, but she is still adamantly Baptist.  She's also pretty busy, so she said we can drop by in November.  We got to have dinner at Susanna 's house.  I love her family!  Then we went to teach the Rojas's with Sis. Skinner and her almost missionary son, but the Rojas's baby was sick, so we had to reschedule.  We tracted more of the trailers there for the rest of the night.

We were able to teach Caden with a newly returned missionary, so that was fun!  They got along pretty well.  We also taught Alan--a new investigator from China.  He is so sweet!  His grandmothers are both Christian, so he's interested!  Love it!  We were going to have dinner at home, but President and Sister Topham called and invited us out to dinner.  Texas Roadhouse!  Yah!  It was nice to get to talk with them more.  They are really amazing!

ZONE CONFERENCE!!  Best day of the week!  It was incredible.  President Topham talked about his vision for the mission--Continual Improvement.  It was great.  He focused on just stepping it up each transfer--leaving the area better, the relationships with the ward better, and your own Christlike attributes improved.  The Area Psychologist and his wife spoke and also did a great job.  The highlight for me was the Assistants.  First of all, they are two of my favorite missionaries--my first District Leader and first Zone Leader.  Second of all, they're just awesome!  They both shared some things that Elder Jay E. Jensen had shared when he visited Pittsburgh.  Elder Nielsen spoke on recognizing revelation, which is something I've always struggled with.  He talked about how even a passing thought to do something good can be from the Spirit.  He shared an experience of being prompted to invite someone to be baptized.  They said yes, but he said that even if they hadn't, he would've known the Spirit had instructed him to.  I think that's awesome!  He said it's impossible for us, as humans, to have a thought to do something good without it being revelation.  Awesome!  Elder Densley was next and he spoke about the 6 M's of Missionary Work--Mission President, Missoinary, Message, Media, Methodology, and Members.  He focused on the last one and asking for referrals.  He made this chart that laid out how to ask for referrals in a completely new way to me.  It was AWESOME!  After Zone Conference, both of us sets of sisters were recorded for the mission video.  That night we had dinner with the Wesleys--one of my favorite families.  We tried asking for referrals the Elder Densley way and it worked!!  They started listing all sorts of people they could ask!  It was AWESOME!  Man, I love being a misisonary!

We taught a potential named Ponce.  We didn't get a solid return appointment, but hopefully we'll be able to see him again in a couple of weeks.  He's awesome.  We went to an appt that wasn't there and then came back to teach Kalea.  I just love Kalea!  She is so amazing.  I really hope I'm able to see her baptized!  We went to Ashworth to follow up with some people and then our Ward Mission Leader picked us up to go out to the Ward Missionaries' house for a dinner/meeting.  'Twas great!  We closed it up by teaching Shaun--another awesome Recent Convert.

Another AWESOME day!  After Branch Correlation, we tracted some and then went to Donnie's house.  We received a text from Donnie this week that basically said, "My friend said you were in the area and I want to learn about your church.  Here is my address."  Awesome!  So we went over.  He is Muslim and his friend Matthew is Hindu.  They basically just asked us questions and said they'd call us if they had more.  We stocked them with pamphlets and headed on our way.  Next we got to teach Levi--another Chinese investigator.  He speaks very little English, but wants to learn!  He came to Elder Oak's fireside last Sunday and we asked him what he thought.  He said he didn't understand anything.  We asked him how he felt and he gave us the thumbs up sign.  We told him it was the Spirit!  We taught a very simple Plan of Salvation and invited him to church again.  We did just meet a member who speaks Chinese in the other ward, so we're definitely going to use him!  All four sisters went to dinner with the Becks and it was wonderful as always.  Next was the best part of the day--the baptism!  It was an 8-yr-old girl, but every baptism is amazing.  Kalea came, and the Spirit was just so strong!  It reminded me of my baptism.  The opening song was even "When I am Baptized," which I sang with some of my cousins at my baptism.  It almost always makes me tear up.  Kalea really enjoyed it and also had some questions about temples (the closing song was "I Love to See the Temple").  Wonderful day!

Yesterday was great as well!  Church until 3:30 and studies until dinner.  All four sisters went to the Harrison's.  They are SO fun!  He's new in the branch presidency, so it was good to get to know them better.  And for all of you cooks out there, google "pioneer woman cooks."  She's apparently amazing and based on dinner, it's true!  We had "Chicken Spaghetti"--an amazing casserole dish.

Well, the work goes on ever more!  It's true, ya know?  I love the Book of Mormon.  I love the Prophet Joseph and know that he's a prophet.  I can't wait to meet him!  I know that Thomas Monson is a prophet and I can't want to hear his words, along with the Apostles, this weekend (RS General Session) and next.  Start now to write down questions for conference!  I did it last session and literally every single question was answered.  It's amazing!  God knows us individually and loves us.  This is His church and I get to share it with others!  "Shall we not go on in so great a cause?"

Love ya!

Sister Denton

Monday, September 12, 2011

9/12/11- Letter to the World

Hello World!

Well, another week has gone by. I don’t even understand how that is possible!

Cool thing for the week—after talking about the John Tanner movie two weeks ago, my Aunt and Uncle informed me that he was my 5th-great-grandfather. I knew we were related, but didn’t know how. This past week at dinner, one of the boys said, “Do you know who John Tanner is?” And I said, “Yes! He’s my 5th Great-grandpa.” He said, “He’s MY 5th great-grandpa!” I done eat dinner with my 6th cousins! Fun day.

I forgot my planner, so I guess I’ll talk about people :D


She is doing GREAT! We taught her about tithing this week and she asked if she had to wait until she was baptized to pay it. Nope! So she paid it this Sunday when she was at church! She came to the CES fireside as well, which was awesome!


He hit some rough patches this week, but he’s doing a lot better. He keeps reminding us that he came from a Jewish background, so we can’t expect huge changes, and yet he is making great leaps! He’s currently planning on being baptized Oct 12.


He is from China and we have some communication barriers, but he really is interested in learning! He came to the fireside too! It was good to see him there. Our branch mission leader is doing a great job of befriending him.

Those are our main investigators right now. Have a great week!

Love ya,

Sister Denton

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

9/6/11- Letter to the World

Zack--it was an interesting lesson, but he is still meeting with us :D
Richie--Interesting...we're struggling with how to get him to obey the commandments we teach...
Rojas--A family we're teaching.  Our team-up was AWESOME, so the lesson ended up going well :D

District Meeting--got an AWESOME talk...look up 4th missionary.

Oh!  I am out of time.  It was a great week!  The work is awesome.  The gospel is awesome.  The church is true!

I love you all!

Sister Denton