Sister Denton's Marvelous Mission: 9/26/11- Letter to the World

Monday, September 26, 2011

9/26/11- Letter to the World

Hello World!!!

Man, being a missionary is AWESOME!  Just sayin' :D

First of all, shout out to the THREE new South Jordan elders coming out this next Tuesday!  They're all in the MTC now, I guess, but we're welcoming Elder Mouritsen, Elder Nelson, and Elder Spohn.  Three points for South Jordan!  Woot!

For P-Day we took pictures on campus, which was way fun.  I'll try to send some pictures.  It was just tracting after that

Tuesday was AWESOME!  We had exchanges and I got to be with Sister Quijano from the Philippines.  We came out together, but weren't in the same District since she's international.  'Twas so fun!  We did a forum for a little bit (where we set up a table and contact people on campus).

Next we got to teach Zack for the first time in a few weeks!  It was SO good to see him again and I think he felt the same.  He said he'd been reading from the Book of Mormon and keeps it by his bed to read at night!  Awesome!  We taught the Law of Chastity and he told us it is needed in China.  It's needed here too :D  Zack is just amazing.

Next we got stood up by Leonel, but he later told us he had an advisor meeting that ran long, so we have an appointment with him again this week.  Since we had lunch on campus, I got to play on the baby grand, which was wonderful :D

Next we taught Alan, a new investigator from last week, and set him with a date of October 9!  Woot!  He's a sophomore at Penn State from China.  He's awesome!

We went to our dinner appointment and then went to teach the Rojass with Sis. Skinner.  It was a lot of question and answer again, but it was just Sis. Rojas this time, which actually helped a lot.  We knew they had an issue with people who don't believe in infant baptism, and that was the first question she had.  I said, "Do you think babies who aren't baptized go to hell?"  "No"  "Then why do you do infant baptism?"  "I guess it's a comfort."  So Sis Skinner was able to tell about baby blessings!  This church is so true!!

After District meeting, we were supposed to teach Caden, but he canceled, so we ended up tracting a lot.  We got a lot of lessons, though, so it was good.  We went to the Miles's, this awesome family from Mexico.  While there, she called the Matts family we met a week or so ago and they had a great conversation.  They seem to already be friends, which is awesome!  Hopefully we can start teaching the Matts.  We did more tracting tha tevening.

After studies, we went out and tracted.  Seems to be a favorite pastime :D  One funny story...
*knock knock knock
*person sticks their head out from a back room--short white hair, collared shirt, slacks, sitting in an office chair with a phone.  Sis. Denton's head registers "man"
*person says, "Come on in" in a high voice.  Sister Denton's head registers "woman....or man with high voice."
We can't go in if it's a man...but how do we find out if it's a woman?
"Is there a woman home?"
"I am a woman..."
shoot...what now?
"Is there another woman home?"
"Okay, we'll just leave this card in your door then.  Do you want us to come back?"
"I don't even know who you are."
"We're missionaries."
"Don't worry about it."
Okay, so it was super awkward.  Especially because afterward Sis M was like, "Why couldn't we go in?" "We could." "So why didn't we?"  "Because then she'll know that I didn't know she was a woman."  And as our Branch mission leader pointed's not like she didn't know.  Lame.
Richie canceled on us.  We taught Suzanne, one of our new investigators.  She was awesome.  We have another appointment next week.
We got to go teach a LA family.  They were awesome!  I forgot how much I love less active work!  That's basically all we did in Lancaster.

We got to teach Kalea!  She's still doing well, though not reading as much.  She came to the RS broadcast though!

Went to baptism for the other sisters--Alan Terrell Bao from China.  Love that kid!  He's 18 and awesome.  We went tracting for awhile and after dinner went to the INCREDIBLE Relief Society Broadcast.  Watch the talk by President Uchtdorf if you haven't already!

Zack and Alan came to church!  Yay!  We had dinner with an awesome couple.

Missionary work is awesome!  I'm out of time!  Love you all tons!  The church is true :D

Sister Denton

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