Sister Denton's Marvelous Mission: 10/3/11- Letter to the World

Monday, October 3, 2011

10/3/11- Letter to the World

Okay world...this one is going to be a doozy, I think!  It's been an AMAZING week!

The Philipsburg Elders came out to State College so we could play basketball.  I wrote letters for most of the time, but when the elders left, Sisters Quijano and Juliano were still out, so I ran out and played them 2 on 1.  I was the 1.  And I did awesome!  Since when do I play basketball?  Dribbling, driving, was awesome!

After P-Day, Heidi came with us to teach a potential who didn't show.  We decided to go over to Caden's since we'd not seen him in awhile.  He was sick, but we were able to talk to him for a little while and teach a little lesson.  Heidi dropped us off at Wal-Mart and we picked up some saltines, sprite, and chicken soup for him since he hadn't eaten anything in awhile.  We tracted the rest of the night.

Tuesday started with what might just be the very best experience of my entire mission.  First, let's review the first time we met with Zack:
from July 11
He's new this week and AWESOME.  We met him at a forum (we set up a table of Book of Mormons on campus) and we met with him.  He's probable in his mid-30s and is a researcher at PSU.  He really wants to research and find out if God is there!  He said the closing prayer and it was SO sweet and innocent!  "Hi God.  I don't know what is true, but I want to know.  I like you.  In the name of Jesus Christ.  Amen."  He came to all three hours of church and seemed to enjoy it.  Our Branch Mission Leader is awesome and was at the first lesson, so is an AWESOME fellowshipper.  He's actually going to have to do the appt tomorrow, since we'll be in Pittsburgh
Okay, that being said, we've been teaching him ever since...almost every week.  A few weeks ago, he was really busy and took a break from us for a couple of weeks.  When we met him again, you could tell how good it felt for him to see us again.  The next week, he told us he'd been reading from the Book of Mormon--trying to do it every night!  So this Tuesday morning, he said the opening prayer.  Parts of it went as follows, "I've been reading the Book of Mormon and I feel the spirit of the Book of Mormon.  I've felt a change in me, but I don't know what it is.  Even though it's a rainy and stormy day, it's a beautiful day because I'm here with my friends and they are going to teach me about  you."  Oh my gosh!  I didn't even know how to react.  I am SO happy that he is feeling the Spirit!  He's been so scientific about everything.  Even that first meeting, I remember him saying that we couldn't tell him he'd know by feelings because it can't be proven.  He said he couldn't have faith because he didn't have faith.  I told him to live like he believes...come to church like he believes it's true, read the Book of Mormon like he believes it, pray like he believes in God.  Then, if his life improves, he can know God is real!  Well, he's been doing it!  He gave up his tea he drank during work and now just drinks hot water every day.  He comes to church.  He's reading the Book of Mormon.  I love it!  I love him so much!  Imagine how much our Heavenly Father loves all of his children--that's why we need to go out and share this gospel message with everyone!

So, the day didn't end there.  We taught Leonel from India, who had canceled the last week.  I didn't even really know how interested he was, but when I asked if he'd read from the Book of Mormon (expecting an "I didn't get a chance") he said, "I read it every day."  "The Book of Mormon?"  "Yes"  "That's...awesome!...that's great!"  I couldn't find words haha I was so excited.  He only reads a few verses a day, but he's doing it!

Next was Suzanne, but she didn't show up :(  She's avoiding us now.  We went out to do a forum for a little while, but I was just on air from the first two appointments.   We went back in for Alan.  I love Alan too!  He's also from China.  We got to teach him part of lesson 3 and he said he'd come to conference (which he did :D).  He is so innocent and so earnestly wanting this truth.  We committed him to baptism and he asked his grandma (his grandmas are Christian, but his parents in China are not).  She said it's up to him.  We told him he could pray about anything, so he prayed for help on his test and it worked :D  He said it was easier than he expected and now he has this sweet testimony of prayer--though we did emphasize afterward that we don't always get the answers we want, but we always get answers.  He is so sweet and I just love him to death!

After dinner we went tracting.  One of the first doors we knocked on was Nobuko.  She let us in and we talked for like an hour!  She was raised Catholic, but isn't really sure what she believes now.  We had some good conversation though!  She took a Book of Mormon :D

We got to teach Kalea!  It went well.  She was SO excited for conference.  She is just so sweet!  Next was Levi--another Chinese investigator.  With him, language is a huge barrier.  We discussed the Plan of Salvation more, but will probably have to do so again.  That's alright, it's a good lesson!

We had District Meeting, which was great, and then service.  After that we got to go to the awesome Skinner family's house!  I love them!  He is the institute teacher out here.  That night, we stopped by the Ponces, a hispanic family we met a few weeks ago.  She let us in and became a new investigator!  We'll have to turn her over to the elders, though (we're getting elders in State College...sisters will be only in the branch :D)

All of our morning appointments canceled!  Sad day!  We got to go to the Wesleys for dinner--a family that I just adore!  After that we got to see Bro McAllister, who I also love.  Both are recent converts in the ward.

Conference!  Woot!  'Twas great.  All three appointments canceled, though.  Sad day.  Also, I found out between sessions that I'm leaving State College :(

Conference Part 2!  Double Woot!  Kalea came to the morning session.  Alan and Zack came to the afternoon.  Alan took notes and told me he received answers to his prayers!!!  Zack said he received some answers, but not as strong as he was expecting.  Both were really sad when they found out I was leaving.  I'm going to miss them so much!  One of the talks that day was about feeling love as a missionary.  I totally do for these two.  I love Chinese people!  I may just start learning Mandarin when I get home...who knows...senior mission to China?  :D  Also, President called and asked me to train this Lititz!  I'm going back to Lancaster for at least 3 more months--that'll be at least a year of my mission!  Crazy!  I love it there and I'm excited to meet my new companion tomorrow.  I'm driving to Pittsburgh tonight (Monday) after the branch's going away party.

I was very reflective this morning during my personal study.  I wrote a lot.  Ever since I found out I was getting transferred, really.  This is the hardest time I've had leaving.  Alma 26 is a huge comfort to me, though.  My investigators are in the hands of the Lord.  I also love Alma 26:9 with some changes, "For if [I] had not come up out of the land of [Utah], these [my] dearly beloved brethren, who have so dearly beloved [me], would still have been...strangers to God."  I "open your mouthed"  Zack at the forum.  I talked to Alan on the bus.  Not glorying in myself, but in the fact that I've been able to be an instrument in God's hand.  I am forever grateful for my time here in Pennsylvania.

Here's a poem I wrote this morning:
My heart is lifted up in praise
as I learn of Thy mysterious ways
I seek to follow all Thy will
and find I'm blessed as I fulfill

"Less than the dust," dear Moses taught
"of infinite worth, a child of God"
We're nothing on our own, you see,
but with our Father, everything

I sometimes question my own worth
am I just another birth?
but something whispers quietly
"A princess now, a queen you'll be"

My God can make much more of me
than anything of myself could be
I'll hold His pockets, follow steadily
and climb the mountain of divinity.

The church is true.  This is Christ's work.  We are disciples of Him.  I am so grateful for this!

Love you all so much!

Sister Denton

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