Sister Denton's Marvelous Mission: 10/17/11- Letter to the World

Monday, October 17, 2011

10/17/11- Letter to the World

Hello World!

We're back in Lancaster which means back to basketball at the church with the Elders!  Woot!  None of the other sisters played, so the elders decided I was on the team of whoever had the ball.  Haha...fine with me :D
Afterward, we tracted some and then went to a member's home for dinner.  Next we went and had a first lesson with Victoria, who we'd met the day previous.  She is so amazing and the Spirit was so strong!  She committed to be baptized Nov 26.  We haven't been back in contact with her, but I'm hoping she's just been busy.

We taught Bro. Shaw in the morning.  He's working toward Nov 5.  It was a good lesson.  We had dinner and then some cancellations.  Such is the life.  It ended up being good, though.  We got to stop by a couple of less-active families that I love and commit them to come out to church.  We also went to the Day home and had an official lesson with a return appointment to make them formally investigators again :D

We went to see this sweet Pratt lady who has now been back to church for about a month.  She's living with her boyfriend, so we talked about eternal marriage some.  She lives in a trailer park, so we knocked some doors for a few hours.  A lot of them are Spanish with limited to no English.  When that happened, all I could say was the church's name.  Haha..maybe I should've taken Spanish, eh?  I called our Spanish elders and asked how to say "Can we watch this DVD with you?"  so when we went back we could watch the Restoration.  I was able to ask it, but the answer was normally no.  We went to see another less active woman and watched The Lamb of God with her.  That night we went back to a couple we used to teach.  It was an interesting lesson.  They're pretty set in what they believe, but both Sis Davidson and our team-up feel we should go back.  So we will!

We had a few people fall through and then went to volunteer at Luthercare.  It was fun to visit with the older women I used to see!  That night, we got to go to Harrisburg for a regional ward council training by Elder Zwick of the Seventy.  The State College Sisters were there!  And they got to come back and spend the night for Mission Tour the next day!  I found out that Alan has a date, Kalea now has a date, and Zack is getting closer!  I love those people!

We had Misison Tour from 9-4!  Pure awesomeness.  We heard from Pres and Sis Topham, Pres Rhem, and Elder and Sister Zwick.  The afternoon session was particularly incredible.  Afterward we had dinner with a family that I love to death and then stopped by Sis Russell's.

We went back to the trailer park with not much luck.  We stopped by some less actives with again not much luck.  We ended up walking to downtown Lititz, "open your mouthing" some, tracting some, and walking back.

Best day of the week!  I love church.  A bunch of less actives came, which was awesome! Mostly tracting besides that.

Well, I'm off to another week!  Time just goes by so fast!  On Friday I'll only have 5 months left.  I plan to be able to say awesome things about those last 5 months!

Love you all!

Sister Denton

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