Sister Denton's Marvelous Mission: 10/24/11- Letter to the World

Monday, October 24, 2011

10/24/11- Letter to the World

Hello World!  It has been a FABULOUS week!

P-Day per usual--errands and the basketball with the elders.  We had a less active appointment set up today, but the daughter we set it up with failed to tell her mother and the daughter was conveniently at the movies lol.  So we were driving back to Lititz when we got a call from Momma L.  She had met with sisters before, but her sister, who was living with her at the time, was very against the missionaries coming over.  She'd moved out that weekend, and Momma L called us in tears and told us that she and her children wanted the sisters back in their lives.  We went over right away, taught them, and set up a return appointment.  Four new investigators!  The two daughters came to mutual this week and really enjoyed themselves!  It was great!

We had some apopintments fall through in the morning.  We went over to Sis Bell's house and did some housework and yardwork.  We went to the Black's for dinner--awesome family.  Next we got to go meet with Sis Hammond.  Her sister lives in Vegas and is a member.  She called Bishop and asked him to give Sis Hammond's info to us.  She also turned into a new investigator and is planning to be baptized Nov 12!  She is so wonderful!  We love her. Next we got to go to the Hilliers.  I love that family!  Bro Wong is not a member, but is amazing and keeping all of his commitments.  We're working toward helping him have a desire to be baptized now rather than sometime in the future.  Last of all we went to some formers--Laura and Tomy.  We picked them up as new investigators as well.

After District Meeting, we got to go see Sis Hartman, a returning member.  We watched Prophet of the Restoration with her.  It was really great!  After dinner, we went to the chapel because we had THREE investigators come to mutual!  So cool!  We made sure they were all set and then headed home for some finding time.

We got to go to LutherCare.  Today was Spa Day, so we gave the women manicures.  It's always fun to just sit there and chat with them!  Sis Wong picked us up and brought us to Soila's house--she's a youth investigator.  We set her with a baptismal date of Nov 30.  She's excited for it!  After dinner, we did more finding time.

We had lunch with the Bradley's.  It's always fun to go there because it's always fancy--multiple courses and china and different utensils for everything.  It was a delicious dinner with all the trimmings--chicken, stuffing, cranberry sauce, rolls, salad, carrots, green beans with baked apples for dessert.  Perfect intro to fall!  We went to teach Bro Shaw next--he's working toward Nov 12 at this point.   He still needs to tell his family he's meeting with us--his son is a pastor.  He is gaining a testimony of it, it's just hard to make the change.  We had dinner with the Mccann's--delicious once again!  We went to a baptism that night and Sis Hammond came with her granddaughter and Soila came with her grandmother!  It was a double baptism--one in English one in Spanish, so one of the elders translated.  'Twas interesting!

We started the morning by helping Sis Hammond with her newspaper route!  We folded the papers and stuffed them in bags in the back of her car while she and her granddaughter through them out the window.  Afterward we were able to teach her a lesson.  We read from the Book of Mormon and got her excited for church.  Next we went to the Stones--I LOVE them!  They are a family full of recent converts.  The mom's been a member all her life, but was less active a long time.  The daughter joined in June, the dad joined in July, and another daughter joined in August.  So cool!  They are such a wonderful family.

After dinner, we tracted some and then headed out to Momma L's with the bishop's wife.  It was a good lesson and we tried to commit them to baptism.  Let's just say we'll try again lol.

Fabulous!  We had 9 less actives at church (which is just blowing our DL out of the water) and Sis Hammond came with her son and Bro Wong came per usual.  It was the Primary Program, so that was really fun too!

Love you all tons!  The gospel is true!

Sister Denton

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