Sister Denton's Marvelous Mission: 10/31/11- Letter to the World

Monday, October 31, 2011

10/31/11- Letter to the World

Hello World!  Happy Halloween!
For P-Day we just stayed at home and wrote letters--so nice!  That night, we got to teach Momma L's family. 
In the morning, we went to Luthercare where we got to visit with Cara and Diane--Amy was busy.  Amy is 102 and sharp as a tack!  Next we taught Bro Shaw (our 79 yr old investigator) at Bro C's house with the Brintons.  We watched the John Tanner story.  It was Bro Shaw's b-day!  It went pretty well and we committed him to talk to his family about baptism. 
That night we had a ton of appointments fall through and ended up tracting.  We've been doing our complex, but we decided to do a neighborhood a little while away so we have those aparments as an option later if we needed somehwere to tract for a few minutes.  While walking by a strip we hadn't tracted, however, I felt inspired to tract them.  So we did!  One of the first doors was Carissa.  She was just running off to work, but she was interested and took a Book of Mormon!  I thought--she's why we needed to come here.  Then we tracted into another man who was interested.  Then we tracted into Vanessa.
For those of you who may not remember, here are past entries on Vanessa:
Alan--We open-your-mouthed Alan.  We gave him a pass-a-long card and asked if he'd ever had any of those questions.  He said he wondered what happens when we die.  We opened to Alma 40 and shared the scripture and he was happy!  We talked about eternal marriage (he's engaged and has a 3-yr old) and the Priesthood and Baptism.  He said he'd be baptized May 7!  We went to visit him the next day and he said his fiance isn't interested and they couldn't learn anymore.  We were really downhearted.  He kept being on our minds, so we went back when we knew she was gone and talked to him again.  He said he had good feelings about it and wanted to study, but he wanted his whole family to join a church together.  He said he'd still read and pray.  You can just tell he knows it's true!  We keep praying for Vanessa, his finace, to soften her heart and be open to our message!
I can't find if I ever wrote more, but like a week or so later, we were in the complex again and saw this woman taking out the trash.  We went to open-your-mouth her and saw that she had been crying--pretty hard it looked like.  We got her to talk to us and she started bearing her soul.  This little boy came running by and she called him Alan and we realized that this was Vanessa.  Little Alan had been having nightmares, so we promised her that if she'd read from the Book of Mormon to him they'd go away.  She also seemed commited to church.  We went back to follow up later, though, and never got another response.
That was back in April.  Skip to now.  She opened the door and I saw little Alan and realized who she was.  She said she'd been reading from the Book of Mormon and he hasn't had nightmares since.  She said it was on her bedside table!  At first, she said Sunday was her only day alone, but by the end, she said she'd come to the Trunk or Treat and Church!  (She didn't end up coming because little Alan got sick and the Trunk or Treat was snowed out).  Miracles are abounding!
Sis M took us out to a wonderful lunch.  More appointments fell through, but we got to teach Momma L.  All three kids went to mutual that night!  Yay!  We were at the church, too, because another of our investigators was meeting the bishop there.  We ended up with 5 investigators at mutual!  If only we can get them there on Sundays lol!  That night we taught Anton.  He didn't think we'd come back after last time.  It was REALLY good, though.  We committed him to read the WHOLE Book of Mormon rather than just church history stuff and he said he would! 
We've been teaching a returning active woman named Alice, and her boyfriend accepted the invitation to take the lessons!  So he's a new investigator!  That was really exciting.  President came to District Meeting and we had interviews, which went well.  We met with Sis H at the White's home.  The Whites are one of my favorite families ever!  I want to be like them when I grow up lol.  They have a girl (oldest) with three little brothers, all within about 5 years of each other.  Hmm...sound familiar?  Afterward, we went to visit the Stones, a recent convert family I love to death.  Their daughter is struggling doing her timed tests in math, so after the lesson, I got to work with her a little bit.  I'm going to call her tonight because the next test is tomorrow so I can quiz her over the phone.  I'm so going to be a teacher--all my aversions to the politics of it aside, I LOVE helping kids learn!
Oh ya--Bro Shaw called and dropped us this day.  He talked to his pastor, his son, his daughter, and his son-in-law (a pastor in MD) and they convinced him that the only reason he's meeting with us is because he misses the companionship of his wife.  We committed him to keep reading and praying and make the decision himself.
I've known this next couple since my original days in the field.  Sis L is one of my favorite women ever and her husband Zach is amazing, too.  Zach always comes to church, but has never had the lessons, but as of Friday, we're officially teaching him!  He said it's mainly intellectual to learn what his wife believes, but he also agreed to read the Book of Mormon with Sis L!  Awesome!
The Ephrata elders had a baptism--and Momma L's family came!  Yay!  We went to the RS craft fair luncheon for our lunch break--best bread bowl and soup I think I've EVER had.  And some of the best apple pie too!  Oh snowed this day!  Like a lot!  We got to go tracting in it. Fun stuff lol.  They canceled the trunk-or-treat, which was our plans for a good chunk of the night since we had investigators coming and members had planned to bring their friends.  It getting canceled meant sister missionaries out in the snow.  We walked to Sis H's house and taught her a lesson and she gave us a ride home.
We used to have three Lancaster wards that all met at one buliding.  While I was in State College, they turned it into four Lancaster wards that meet in two buildings.  Because of this, we don't see the Elders as much as we did before.  Because of the snow, though, their building was out of power and they came to our church!  It was really fun to have 8 misisonaries in gospel principles lol.  The only ones missing were the sisters, who attended the morning session of church.  We had all three of our part-member family investigators at church!  Awesome!  And Zach gave some of his old suits to one of our investigators who didn't have any church clothes and he looked schnazzy!  It was awesome!
After church, we had more canceled appointments.  We had dinner at the Brintons--awesome family--and were able to practice teaching a lesson.  He's a PMG scholar, so no pressure!  haha.
Well that's it for the week!  Missionaries are in at 6 today, which is when P-Day ends, so it's only P-Day today pretty much!  We're going to go play basketball with the elders, I believe. 
Love you all!
Sister Denton

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