Sister Denton's Marvelous Mission: 11/7/11- Letter to the World

Monday, November 7, 2011

11/7/11- Letter to the World

Hello World!!

First of all, I got SUPER exciting news today!!  There was a 20-year-old Chinese kid that I was teaching in State College.  I'd "open your mouthed" him on a bus and we'd started teaching him and I just love him to pieces...he and Zack were two of the hardest people to leave.  Anyway, HE GOT BAPTIZED LAST MONTH!!!!!!!  We don't have communication with other areas, so I didn't know until President sent the list of baptisms for October.  SO exciting!!  Oh I love this work and I can't wait to congratulate him when I get home!  The gospel is amazing!

On to this week :D

Halloween---nothing really lol.  P-Day and then in at 6pm to deep clean.  It is really nice to have the apt organized, though.

We went on exchanges!  I got to go to Elizabethtown (my first area) with Sister Samuelson (another new missionary who came out with my companion).  It was great!  I got to see some less actives I used to teach and help get appointments with them.  I also got to see Emma, a woman I taught and got to see baptized back in March.  She's not been coming out, but she wants to start again.  It was a good day!

After District Meeting, we went to teach a less active who forgot to call and cancel.  We had dinner with the Meza/Huffman family and started teaching the lessons to Zach.  Afterward, we went to teach Sis Hammond at the Stone's home.  It was a great lesson!

We got to have another Spa Day at Luthercare where we give manicures to the residents.  We had dinner with the Knapps--best baked potatoes of my entire life.  Pretty much everything else fell through.

We got to go and do service with the Meza/Huffman family--yard work.  I've done more yard work on my mission then ever before in my life!!  It was fun, though!  We pruned bushes, raked, and used a leaf-blower.  They also fed us a delicious lunch.  Afterward we went home for dinner and then walked up to Main St to "open your mouth" a little before seeing Sis Heaton.

We started the day by going to help Sis Hammond with her newspaper route again--good idea for some side income when I get home!  lol  We taught a lesson afterward--she's doing really great.  We stopped by and saw Sis Bell and got to teach her a lesson on prayer and scripture study.  Afterward, we went to the Cannon home to teach Alexis and Danial, though Danial wasn't able to make it.  It was a good lesson anyway!  Afterward, we did more finding time.

Church was phenomenal!  I love Sundays :D  Afterward, we went to find Winford, but he wasn't home.  We tracted for an hour and then went to see the Stones since they'd not made it out to church.  We taught a lesson on family history and temple work that went really well.  I love that family!!!  We had dinner with the Fosters--one of my favorite families on earth.  It was DELICIOUS and we played a rousing game of "Stump the Chump" where you ask questions about church that day and whoever answers, asks the next question and it continues until someone can't answer.  We did it with gospel questions too.  Ross (age 7) taught us a story to remember all of the apostles in order.  I'll try and recount it:

President Monson was walking on the beach when he saw a man get hit by a ball.  He noticed a ring start to form around his eye and pointed, saying, "Eye ring....eye ring."  President Eyring continued on until he came upon a dwarf and he pointed saying, "Dwarf!"  The dwarf saw his face and said "Eww!"  They continued pointing and yelling "Eww!"  "Dwarf"  "Eww!"  "Dwarf".  I can't remember the thing for Packer, so I'll continue on.   President Packer came up to a pear tree (Perry).  Oh darn I can't rmember Nelson had something to do with yelling again "Nels"  "Son" etc..Then someone came up to an Oak tree.  (Oaks) and as they continued walking, they saw a Mallard duck (Ballard).  They noticed then someone royal coming toward them and said, "Great Scott!  Hail (Hales) the King of Holland!"  As they continued on the path, they went into an inn and found a pirate.  The pirate pointed to a bed and said "Bed!  NARRRR  Bed!  NARRRR"  (Bednar)  They continued into the kitchen and asked to see the Cook.  The waiter came out and said, "Hello!  My name is Chris.  Our special today is Tofferson."  (Christofferson)  And then I can't remember how Anderson came into play.

Anyway, they told this story, and Sis Foster was like, "This is what happens when Bro Foster and Daren are in charge of Family Home Evening."  Haha love that family!

We taught Laura about the Law of Chastity and then went in to finish our studies.

Love you all!

Sister Denton

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