Sister Denton's Marvelous Mission: 11/28/11- Letter to the World

Monday, November 28, 2011

11/28/11- Letter to the World

Hello World!
'Twas a good week!
We got to go see a returning active family and share a message.  I love seeing families come back to church!  It's the absolute best! 
We had leadership training in Harrisburg.  It was really good--about aligning our goals to achieve power.  Power is something I've been studying a lot lately, so it was neat to hear it talked about by our President and Assistants.  After dropping the sisters off at their apt, we headed to the Stones for Taco Tuesday.  I love the Stones family!  They are SO funny!  Afterward we went to Don and Laura's, a couple we're teaching.
After District Meeting, we went to the Cannons for lunch.  It was great!  As we went out to the car, I realized that I'd put the keys in my coat pocket, and then took my coat off and threw it in the back seat.  Our remote doesn't work, so we manually lock the car.  Bro Cannon tried to get them out, but couldn't, so we had to call the locksmith.  We gave him a card for a free Joy to the World DVD :D  lol.  Afterward, we went to try and find some referrals and less actives.  We went to the Bushda/Ramos and taught the 10 Commandments with the Brintons.  It went well!
6:30-11am--getting ready/studies
11am--Luthercare--visiting with the women.  Then we went with one of them to the Catey's Cafe and had Thanksgiving dinner.  We'd been given a free dinner pass.
1pm--Mickles--this is a family in the ward that invited us a few days ago.  So good! 
3pm--Bushda/Ramos--they'd invited us the day before.  They'd already eaten, so we had a plate of leftovers.
4:30pm--Stones--Super good food!  Good thing, or we may not have been able to keep it down by this point lol.  It was really fun, though! I love this family!
7pm--Fitzsimons--we went over to share a message and have pie..delicious!
8pm--Don and Laura--luckily this was just a lesson!  Sis Brandon came with us.  It was good!  Don and Laura are now set with Jan 21 as a baptismal day!
Highlight was getting into the Day home!  We haven't been able to for awhile.  We actually ended up eating leftover Thanksgiving food with them :D  I love this family!  Sis Day just started another job, so they're going to be SO busy, but we'll make time!
Beautiful day weather wise!  Our first appointment was with Juanita.  It went well.  She has lots of questions, which I love!  She doesn't attend a specific church, but is saved.  One interesting conversation we had was whether or not the 10 Commandments are still in affect after Christ came.  Her side is that grace is what saves us and we don't have to do anything.  We read Matthew 5 with her.  After trying to contact some referrals, we stopped by Burger King for dinner.  We had a few minutes left in our break and were just sitting in the car looking at pictures and talking.  I'd turned it partially on to have heat.  When we went to back up, I realized it wasn't all the way on, so I tried to turn it on and it wouldn't start.  We called our Fleet Coordinator (who was actually in my MTC district!) and explained the problem and he confirmed that we had a dead battery.  Our district leader was nearby, so he got some jumper cables from an investigator and came and saved us.  Gotta love car trouble lol.  Our last lesson was with the Bushda/Ramos family, although only Mariam came.  We taught the Word of Wisdom and she committed to live it!  She is really progressing :D
In the morning, we stopped by some investigators to encourage them in getting ready for church and it helped!  Don and Laura came with their girls and two of the Day kids came!  Woot!  We had dinner with the Zinkes, a fabulous family in the ward.  Then Sis Wright came with us to teach Bro Hancock, who became a new investigator.  He was raised baptist, joined non-denominational and currently doesn't practice with a church.  He agreed to read and pray!
The work is trucking along and time is flying by!  I can't even believe it's December this week!  That's crazy!  I hope all is going well with everyone!
Love ya!
Sister Denton

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