Sister Denton's Marvelous Mission: 12/5/11- Letter to the World

Monday, December 5, 2011

12/5/11- Letter to the World

Hello World!

Well it's been a crazy week.  This is the first week of our mission reverting completely to PMG definitions for numbers.  Before, we could get "other lessons" while tracting, teaching members, street contacting, etc.  Now other lessons are only those which are with an investigator, but without a member.  It made for a huge decrease in numbers, which really shouldn't matter, but it is kind of disheartening to see 20 lessons a week drop to 2...continuous improvement right?

We went to teach someone at a pizza shop. He didn't show up, but we enjoyed wonderful food :D  We also stopped by Wilbur's Chocolate Factory.  We got to walk around downtown Lititz, which was pretty fun!  We're going to do it again today with the other sisters.  We taught the Bushda/Archer family and shared with them part of Pres. Uchtdorf's talk.  We followed it up by some tracting.

A member picked us up to take us down to a less active member's home for a lesson.  She wasn't home, so they took us out to lunch on the way home.  Afterward, we had 3 hours of tracting planned.  The forecast had said  rain, but all morning--in the car and at lunch--had been beautiful.  Right near the end of lunch, it started raining...and didn't stop.  We were SOAKED!  We went to our 3:30 appt only to find they weren't home.  We walked home and dried off/changed into dry clothes and backpacks.  We went to dinner with an awesome family in the ward.  Afterward, we stopped by Sis Russell's and had a good lesson.

The day started off with District Meeting.  We came home for lunch, which a member had left for us, and then headed down to see Sis. Bell.  I got to teach her a lot when I was in Millersville, so it's fun to see her again.  We stopped by Sis Wood's for a lesson and then went home to finish up companion study and have dinner.  Our last two appointments canceled, so we went out tracting for the night.

After lunch, we did some tracting/street contacting and then got to go to LutherCare to volunteer.  Afterward, we headed home to stop by Bernard's and see how he was doing.  We went to our dinner appointment's neighborhood to do some tracting before dinner.  We ate with the Blacks--I love them to pieces!  Sis Black is just the sweetest woman in the world.  During the lesson, one of the kids pulled their tooth out lol.  We went to the Paynes next and were able to see Marie, their youngest daughter.  Afterward, we went to an appointment with our RS Pres as the team-up, but they weren't there, so we went to a less active home nearby.

After Weekly Planning, we went to see one of our part member family investigators that we've not been able to contact for a few weeks.  They weren't home, so we tracted for a couple of hours before our appointment.  They weren't there, so we headed toward home to take our dinner break earlier rather than later.  We ate at Ciro's--quite possibly the BEST Italian food I've ever had in my life.  Mmm.  And homemade gelatto.  Oh yeah.  We picked our team-up for our 5:30 appointment and headed over only to find that the wife wasn't quite as interested as the husband had been and we weren't going to be getting in.  We dropped her off and headed out to the Blacks--a returning family that I LOVE!!  We were able to teach the mom.  Our 7pm canceled with us, so we stayed out in their area and went to a less active the bishop had told us to visit.  She let us in!  Last year when I tried, we only got to stand in the front door, but we gave a whole lesson and she said we could come back!  We got to the car and found that our 8pm canceled, so we tried to contact another less active out in Manheim.  She was buys, so we went to one more--a sweet woman I'd been able to teach a couple of times before.  That pretty much summed up our night!  So for having every single appointment cancel, it was a great day :D

After lunch, we went to our first appointment where...guess what...he canceled.  We went out finding for a few hours until we needed to come home for dinner.  We ate and then headed out to contact a few member referrals with no luck.  We had a 6:30 appt, but hadn't heard from our investigator for a days despite calls and texts.  We went to the neighborhood near where we were going to meet him to tract for a little bit and he called!  He came!  It was almost an hour late, but we were able to teach him in a member's home AND he said the closing prayer!  It was a wonderful prayer, too, asking the Lord to open his heart to the truth.  Afterward, we went to the Bushda/Archers again and taught about prayer.

We walked into the church to find it BEAUTIFULLY decorated!  There are garlands and wreaths and bells and ornaments in the foyers and the chapel.  It's gorgeous!  Chruch was great--Bernard and Altagracia came again,  as well as Bro Wong.  After church, we went home to do companion study, and then it was off to the Collins for dinner!  He's our ward mission leader and their daugthers are the BEST at giving referrals!  They also said we could come over for Christmas Eve and to Skype on Christmas Day :D  Afterward, we tried to contact more of their referrals and then headed down to see a less active/part member family we'd not seen for awhile.  Turns out her phone fell into a bucket of water and that's why we've not been able to get ahold of her.  We'll be able to meet this week sometime.  Then it was back to the church for the Christmas Devotional, which was awesome.  It was neat to see the new movies, too, because my friend Hillary has been working with the production of those!

So, it was a crazy week!  It's now the beginning of another week, which means another chance to go out and work even harder to bring more souls unto Christ!  I appreciate all of your prayers and love you all :D

Sister Denton

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