Sister Denton's Marvelous Mission: 12/28/11- Letter to the World

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

12/28/11- Letter to the World


Monday the library was closed and Tuesday I was in Pittsburgh, so that leaves e-mailing for Wednesday!

Monday (19th)
I SLEPT during P-Day.  I love naps :D  Afterward we taught Mariam and Domitila...I'm so glad Domitila is meeting with us again!  It was great :D

We went on exchanges, so Sister Samuelson came up to my area with me--she came out the same time Sister Davidson did--2 transfers ago.  We went to teach Claire, this super biblically aware person.  It was interesting.  She wants to meet with us one more time.  We went to see Alexis--she's doing so well!  She and Danial are hoping to get married soon!  Later we got to go to the Padillas for dinner--I love them!  Exchanges are always fun!  At a Zone Conference, we were asked why we do exchanges and someone said, "Because companions are like french fries--no matter how good they are, you're sick of eating them by the time you get to the bottom of the box"  haha

District Meeting!  After lunch and companion study, we went to see Sis Wood and shared a Christmas message.  That night we didn't have a dinner appointment, so it was top ramen at the church.  Before mutual, we were able to teach both Soila and Bernard!  Soila is SO funny.  She's 14 and autistic, so it's interesting to teach her sometimes.  I did a 6-week-sub in a behavioral unit before I came out and that helps me a lot.  Bernard is doing so great and wants to get baptized either this year or next!  Not many days left in this year, though lol

We got to go talk to our people at Luthercare.  That evening, we got to teach the Wong family.  It was an awesome lesson on obedience.  This is where I found out that David Archuleta is going on a mission!  So cool!  Oh..and on a music note...Lady Gaga is moving into the Lititz area.  Oh ya haha.  That night we went tracting and I was like, "I am so sick of getting rejected!"  The next 3 houses either made return appointments or took a Book of Mormon!

We went to an appointment we'd made the night before, only to be stood up.  Home for weekly planning and lunch and then we went out tracting.  We headed to some apartments we'd been meaning to tract for forever.  On the way there, we called a less active to set up a later appointment, and she was having a hard time, so we almost just turned around and went there, but I really felt we needed to go to these apartments.  Well apparently that was the Spirit!  The first three were no good, but Clara let us in the fourth door!  We chatted a little, and then we asked if we could share a message...whole first lesson right there!  Oh ya!  And she has twin 8-yr-olds...great age :D  lol.  They're only there on the weekends, though.  Later we went to the less active house and helped her finish some Christmas decorations and taught a lesson.

Next we got to go see Mariam and Domitila again...I love them!  We're helping them with Personal Progress.  Then we went to the Barber's and caroled to a couple of their neighbors.  Then we went to the Fosters to go caroling--they came with us for over an hour!  We'd sing a song and then one of the kids would hand them a pass-a-long card--it's my favorite type of tracting ever!  The kids were so excited to hand out the cards.  It was great!

Christmas Eve!
After lunch, we had an appointment with Deven--an Italian woman I met on Tuesday.  She became a new investigator!  Then we went tracting for awhile.  We had the best Christmas Eve ever at the Pratts--our Ward Mission Leader--I'm going to adopt some of these traditions!  They always have Mexican Christmas eve.  They'd invited a new couple from the ward over and a little family.  Then we had a talent fun!  I played and busted out "In Our Humble Way" from Saturday's Warrior.  Oh ya.  Sister Davidson clogged.  Others sang, played banjo, violin, piano, did sign language, and danced.  It was so cool!  Then we had to go to an appointment that stood us up.  We still had extra time, so we went to Luthercare and met Clementina, a sweet woman that I hope we get to put into our Thursday routine.

Oh ya...President called and asked me to train again.  I was shocked!  I thought Sister Davidson would for sure.  I'll be training for my last two transfers...that's the last 9 months of my mission training!  Crazy!  It also means I'm staying in Lititz (lid-its for those of you who need the  I'll have been in Lancaster County (Lititz/E-Town) for 14 of my 18 months....nuts!!

After church, we were going to stay at the church and have top ramen again for lunch because we had nowhere to go and low miles, but the Fosters drove us to their place for lunch.  I absolutely adore their family.  They have a daughter and three younger brothers...sound familiar?  Their daughter is like right out of our home movies of me lol.  She's 10.  Then they drove us back and we headed to the Castro's for our Skype calls.  SO good!  I LOVED seeing my family!!!  Sister Davidson now knows how awesome my family is too lol. We were all laughing SO hard!  Sister Castro is German, so she made us an authentic German dinner!  The meat was beef rolled around a bacon/mustard/onion mix and a pickle was fun to find the pickle inside!  We also had potato dumplings and an amazing salad and rolls.  The gravy was delicious too--with mushroom!  Yes dad...I eat mushrooms now :D  Dessert was a German Black Forest Chocolate Torte Cake...two layers...cherries..yum  After dinner, we went to an appointment that stood us up.  Then we went to Luthercare again and chatted with Marcene for awhile...our 102 years old friend :D  Best Christmas ever!

We took care of stuff in the morning and then swapped the car for the Elder's minivan.  Oh ya.  Then we rode up to STATE COLLEGE to pick up Sisters Mortensen, Juliano, and Quijano.  We all headed out to Pittsburgh where we spent the night at the sisters apartment out there (funny how I serve in Pittsburgh and have only been there 4 times lol...5 when I fly home).

Training meeting in the morning.  We got assigned our new sisters--mine is Sister Page from Maine!  There's probably a pic of her on  She's the redhead.  She's awesome!  We then drove back to State College with Sis Mortensen who is training and Sis Juliano who is training.  Then Sis Page and I traveled back to Lititz and got in around 11pm.

Hey that's today!  We had district meeting this morning (only 11 more to go, but who's counting?).  After lunch and more studies, we went to see Alexis who wasn't home.  We tracted for a little and then taught Sis Wood--best lesson I've ever had with her!  We really invited her to make changes!  It's exciting :D  Then we went to dinner with the Brintons, who are awesome.  Now we're e-mailing :D  Later tonight, we are going to try and see another less active or tract and then switch cars back with the Elders.

Love you all tons!
Sister Denton

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