Sister Denton's Marvelous Mission: 12/12/11- Letter to the World

Monday, December 12, 2011

12/12/11- Letter to the World

Hello World!

Can you believe that it's almost halfway through December?!  Crazy!  As of today, I have 100 days left as a missionary.  I cannot believe it!  Time is flying by!

By the way, check out for updates on the mission!  They'll also post pics, so you can try and find me :D  Shouldn't be hard...there aren't many sisters...

After P-Day, we went to the Bushda/Archer.  We're pretty much only teaching Mariam now.  We taught about scripture study and following the prophet.  I just love Mariam to pieces.  She is so amazing!  And she knows it's true!  Afterward, we went tracting and the unthinkable happened.  Normal intro and then "We're Catholic...we're not interested."  " you know anyone who might be interested?"  "Hmm...well our neighbors, the Mccall!"  "Okay.  Thanks!"  "His name is Dan."  "Merry Christmas!"  Usually when we ask if they know anyone who might be interested, we get one of the following responses:

    I think everyone around here goes to church
    I don't ask about their personal affairs
    Well, you can keep asking them for yourself
    I wouldn't want to give them false doctrine
    Not in listening to you
    Maybe my neighbor over there (usually a house we had just tracted with no success)

So ask you can imagine, we were super excited to have a name and a house and a real referral!  So we went over, and this guy opened the door and I asked if he was Dan. "Yes..."  "Your neighbor said you might be interested in our message--we're missionaries with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints."  "Oh!  Ya I am interested!  Come on in!"  (WHAT?!?!) "Is there a woman home?"  "No"  "Ok, we can't come in then, but would you be interested in us coming by another time?"  "Sure"  "Awesome!  What about tomorrow night?"  "That works"  "And have you heard of the Book of Mormon?"  "No"  "Oh!  Well this is another...etc.  Will you read the introduction by tomorrow?"  "Ya"  "Great!  We'll see you then!"


Then we went to follow up with a media referral we'd received.  It said he requested a Book of Mormon.  He seemed surprised and said he was Jewish.  He was going out of town, but said we could come back in a couple of weeks.  We started tracting around his house and found two people (neither of which lived there) who were interested, so we forwarded the info on to the respective elders.  Keeley was particularly awsome.  She's Christian and as soon as she realized we were too she was on board!

We started the day out by tracting and got a return appointment (RA)!  Then we went to Sis Meza's for lunch and to help set up her Christmas tree (part-member family).  We were also able to share a lesson w/ her husband, who we recently started teaching and it was great!  Sis Meza was so happy!  Next we went to teach Soila who we FINALLY got a hold of again and had a great lesson 3.  She committed to be baptized on New Year's Eve (although her grandma didn't get her to church again, so she won't be able to be baptized on that day).  They just moved and her grandma just had surgery, so we helped move some of her furniture around and then she took us out to dinner.  After that, we went to the Reese's house.  I love them!  Last of all, we went to our appointment with Dan.  It was a good lesson, but he didn't want to meet with us again.   Sad day.  He's a part of LCBC...a HUGE phenomenon out here ( or .org I think)

We spent a lot of time tracting this day!  In the rain again.  We got let into a couple of houses, one which ended up with a return appointment.  She's actually a former and VERY knowledgeable about the bible.  Should be interesting.  After dinner, we stopped by the Paynes house.  They're moving away this weekend--I really hope the missionaries find them there!  Then we went to the church to pick out a song for Sunday (I played the flute).  Last of all we saw Laura again...for the first time since she got married.  They're getting it anulled now.

After Weekly Planning, we went to LutherCare.  It was spa day, so we did some more manicures.  Afterward, we went to an appointment that fell through and did some more tracting before going over to Sis Bell's and doing a little service before dinner.  After that, we got to go to movie night!  We got permission to watch the recording of last year's Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas concert which features David Archuleta!  The Day kids and Soila came.  It was great!  After Soila left, we got to teach Bernard the Word of Wisdom and he said he wanted to be baptized!!

Zone Conference!  Then we went to the Vaughan's house for dinner where we got the exciting news that they are going to be sealed in April!  Then we taught Mariam about baptism and confirmation and she committed to a date!!!!  Then we went to Sis Heaton's.

Relief Society Brunch and then studies in the morning.  We did some tracting and then after dinner we had an appointment that fell through.  We went out to Manheim to see the Stones and it was a great lesson.

After church and studies, we went to the Blacks for dinner--love them to death!  Then we got to teach Mariam again and found out that her mom won't let her be baptized at this point.  PLEASE keep her in your prayers.  Then we went to the Reese's again.

It was a great week and I am out of time!  Love you all!

Sister Denton

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