Sister Denton's Marvelous Mission: September 2010

Monday, September 27, 2010

9/27/10 - Letter to the World

Sister Denton had a whole bunch of stuff that she wanted to write today, but she spent all of her time today at the computer trying to get it to load the pictures she wanted to send because the computer was soooo slowwww.  She gave us her physical address....she is in Millersville, PA, which puts her almost into the Philadelphia mission bounderies.
She did want me to post that her friends can email her at  She's pretty excited about that!  Until next week!

Monday, September 20, 2010

9/20/10 - She's on her way to the Mission Home!

Let's have your medical forms? Yep.  You have all your luggage?  Yep.  You don't have your cell phone.  Ummm...Yep.  (She said today that she still checks her pockets for it when wearing regular pants.)

Dropping off Whitney at the MTC on Sept 1, 2010

We received a call from Sister Denton this morning at 5:37.  She was at the airport and they had no sooner got past security when the people in her group spotted payphones and flew to them.  She is flying out with 3 elders and no other sisters.  She is the travel leader of the group and said that in their packet they had pass-along cards AND none of them were sitting together.  She figures that their goal is to speak to somebody.  It's time to be a real missionary, and she is super excited. 

She did finally go to the dentist last Thursday to replace a filling.  When she and her companion came back to class, half her face was sagging (total of 8 hours, she said) and they were making a little bit of fun with her, making her smile her awkward dentist smile.  They happened to pass out information that day so they could keep in touch after their missions on facebook and another sister put her face on the board as a novacain face.  She thought it was hilarious.  The side of her face is still tender to the touch.  She said the dentist wasn't the most gentle.

Elder Chang, a young man that Whitney knows from Kirland, WA (when visiting her cousins, the Loveless') was called to this area on his mission.  One of his first areas was right around our house and he stopped by to say hello.  He is a spanish speaking missionary in this area and he ended up taking Kyle out several times on splits after Kyle found out he was going to Argentina.  It is now near the end of his mission (he goes home in Oct 2010) and he has been called back to our area.  He and a split companion stopped by this past Saturday and when Grammy answered the door he said, "Sis Whitney Denton?" as in, was she home.  Grammy thought that he was caller her Sis. Whitney Denton.  I got to the door and told him that she had left on her mission.  He thought that she had a call, so he wasn't too surprised.  He asked how Kyle was doing and I also filled them in on how Cody was doing in Nicaragua.  It was good to see him...nice young man!

She may call later today from her 1 hr layover in Detroit, MI.

Monday, September 13, 2010

9/13/10 - Letter to the World

Hey all!

I made a huge list of things I need to write and only have 11 minutes, so I'm just going to go down it with bullet points.

  • I've seen Elder Devey twice. The second time we were passing and he was like "Hey Whitney" and it was SO WEIRD because I'm Sister Denton now!
  • Ysabel Whitney is here and I've seen her a few times now. In fact, her younger sister Rachel served me my French Toast this morning too! I thought it was weird that she'd work so far from home when I realized she's probably old enough to be down here at college! Anyway, that was cool
  • There's a guy here that sounds like Channing Tatum and another one that looks like Joe Jonas with a mission haircut.
  • I got to talk to some more Nicaragua Missionaries. They were so excited to hear stories from Elder Denton II's adventures.
  • Congrats to Casey!! That's SO exciting :D
  • I lost a filling earlier this week and haven't been to the dentist yet...hopefully soon. It'll be my second time to the outside world! We also got to walk over to the BYU Health Center (by Wymount) to pick up some Sudafed for my companion.
  • Thanks to all that have written letters! I'm trying to write everyone back! I promise!
I still absolutely love it here at the MTC still. It's an amazing spiritual adventure every day. I've loved practice teaching in the TRC. This most recent teaching experience was beyond cool--I've never felt the Spirit so strong while teaching! We have AMAZING teachers that just make class fly by. I'm going to miss class the most from the MTC.

I got to go to the temple today, which was cool. It was closed last week from Labor Day.

Anyway, I've got to go, but I hope everyone has a great week! Next time I write I'll be in Pennsylvania!!!! YAY!!!!

Remember....DearElder is free this week only! Just sayin' :D

Sister Denton

Monday, September 6, 2010

9/6/10 - Letter to the World

(We did receive a short letter in the mail on Saturday...This is her first email home)

Woot! I'm here :D

The MTC has been absolutely amazing. I 100% love it! Some funny things from the first couple of days:

I was the first one in the room and decided to be nice by letting them all choose beds first--bad idea. I was left with the top bunk in the corner without a way to get up. I have to climb on a chair, lift one leg up and then pull myself onto the bed. It's rather comical.

The first day I lost my meal card before dinner and got called over the intercom to the front desk. The second day I lost my meal card before dinner. Ya...story of my life. Haha.

The food is great...a little too great. I've decided to stop drinking milk to help me better empathize with those that are trying to overcome addictions to join the church. I love it with breakfast and dessert, so it'll be hard but worth it. The wraps are really good!!

I LOVE my district! Elders Jex, Willes, and Heinrich are going to PA with me. Elders Hanson and Potter are going to Orlando with Sister Worwood (my comp that I went to high school with :D). Sister Tall is going to Lubbuck, TX. Sister Mousseau (moo-so) is going to Salt Lake (used to be Salt Lake North)

I met an Elder going to Cody's mission and told him a bunch of stories.

Our teachers are absolutely amazing. I love them to pieces!!

I forgot my camera cord, so I'll upload pictures maybe next week (I don't know if it really works here anyway).

I've had a bunch of fabulous experiences here. I love learning about and experiencing the gospel! My testimony of fasting, prayer, and God's love for me increased this week a TON. It's amazing.

I can't wait to learn more! I'm trying to not spend a ton of time in here because all of my roommates are waiting for the internet. They let me go first :D

Love you all!!

Sister Denton