Sister Denton's Marvelous Mission: 9/20/10 - She's on her way to the Mission Home!

Monday, September 20, 2010

9/20/10 - She's on her way to the Mission Home!

Let's have your medical forms? Yep.  You have all your luggage?  Yep.  You don't have your cell phone.  Ummm...Yep.  (She said today that she still checks her pockets for it when wearing regular pants.)

Dropping off Whitney at the MTC on Sept 1, 2010

We received a call from Sister Denton this morning at 5:37.  She was at the airport and they had no sooner got past security when the people in her group spotted payphones and flew to them.  She is flying out with 3 elders and no other sisters.  She is the travel leader of the group and said that in their packet they had pass-along cards AND none of them were sitting together.  She figures that their goal is to speak to somebody.  It's time to be a real missionary, and she is super excited. 

She did finally go to the dentist last Thursday to replace a filling.  When she and her companion came back to class, half her face was sagging (total of 8 hours, she said) and they were making a little bit of fun with her, making her smile her awkward dentist smile.  They happened to pass out information that day so they could keep in touch after their missions on facebook and another sister put her face on the board as a novacain face.  She thought it was hilarious.  The side of her face is still tender to the touch.  She said the dentist wasn't the most gentle.

Elder Chang, a young man that Whitney knows from Kirland, WA (when visiting her cousins, the Loveless') was called to this area on his mission.  One of his first areas was right around our house and he stopped by to say hello.  He is a spanish speaking missionary in this area and he ended up taking Kyle out several times on splits after Kyle found out he was going to Argentina.  It is now near the end of his mission (he goes home in Oct 2010) and he has been called back to our area.  He and a split companion stopped by this past Saturday and when Grammy answered the door he said, "Sis Whitney Denton?" as in, was she home.  Grammy thought that he was caller her Sis. Whitney Denton.  I got to the door and told him that she had left on her mission.  He thought that she had a call, so he wasn't too surprised.  He asked how Kyle was doing and I also filled them in on how Cody was doing in Nicaragua.  It was good to see him...nice young man!

She may call later today from her 1 hr layover in Detroit, MI.

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  1. Tell Whit hi from me if she calls back, and tell her I am very offended that she didn't respond to my Dear John letter.