Sister Denton's Marvelous Mission: 1/30/12- Letter to the World

Monday, January 30, 2012

1/30/12- Letter to the World

Hello World!!

Can you even believe that it's February next week!?  Crazy!

All of our appointments fell through after P-Day.  We stopped by the Stones and had a great lesson with them.  I love that family!

We got a new investigator--Bro Frost.  He reminds me a lot of Barney Fife.  He's so awesome!  We had lunch at the church and then went to follow up with some potentials.  We stopped by Sis Kelley.  Since then, we've not seen her--turns out she's got bronchial pneumonia and is staying with a friend.  We had dinner with the Alis...delicious as always!  We went to another less active that evening and had a great lesson.  We were supposed to have a lesson with Maribel, but she dropped us.  We went to tract in her complex and got stopped by the Property Manager...add it to the list of complexes that say NOTHING about private property or soliciting or anything and yet the management tells us we can't be there.

After District Meeting, we went to follow up with some people and then headed to Sis Wood's.  We had a good lesson and then went to the Butterfield's for dinner.  We had hamburgers and sweet potato fries...can I tell you GOOD it tasted to eat a home-cooked hamburger!  This summer I am grilling it up!  We went to teach Soila next, our investigator with autism.  Our leaders wanted the bishop to sit in to get an idea of her accountability.  He'd like to meet with her a few more times, but said we should be good to go!  She's been praying and reading and she FINALLY came to church this week!  Our last appointment fell through, but we ended up going to see Bernard's little sister (since he was at scouts) and read a chapter with her.

Our first appointment fell through, so we went home to finish companion study.  We went to lunch at the LaCava's--baked ziti.  Oh yum!  We went to Luthercare for Spa Day--good as always.  One woman kept falling asleep while I did her nails!  We went to help Laura move, but she didn't make it back in time.  We headed next to three apointments that fell through.  We ate at the Pizza shop in town.  Sis Garrison came to one of the appt, and since he wasn't there, she came with us to see the Stones.  After the rest fell through, I really wanted to just go to a less active house or something because it was rainy and miserable.  I felt like we should be out, though, so we kept tracting.  I felt like we should go try Graham and Betsey again, so we walked over there and they let us in and we had a great lesson!  They're new investigators!  So awesome!  I love the Spirit :D

After Weekly Planning, we went to see Sis Schneider, a new investigator from last week.  I was actually worried that she wouldn't let us in, but it turned out to be a fantastic lesson!  When talking about pre-earth life, a concept she'd never heard of, I mentioned that the Bible talks about "returning" to live with God and that you can't return somewhere you've never been.  She really thought about that and is going to ask her pastor roommate.  Hopefully that goes well :D  Next we went to see Bro Frost again, and he agreed to come to church!  (Although he called us Saturday night and said he had the sniffles and wouldn't make it).  We went to dinner at the Pratts--always love them!  We stopped by Bernard's that night and had a great lesson and then went to the Lambs for a great lesson.  They tried coming to church last week, but got lost.  But they tried!

Our first appointment fell through, so we tracted more in Manheim--seems to be our new place of choice.  After going home for lunch, we went to an appointment that fell through and then went out tracting some more.  We had dinner with the Woods--Costco Pizza.  Oh yum.  We went tracting for the rest of the night.  Sam (from England) had ditched us, but Sis Page wanted to go try him again.  I did not want to because I could just see him being like "I hung up on you, didn't return your message, wasn't there for an appointment, and didn't respond to the note you left.  Can't you take a hint?"  Instead, he saw us and apologized for not getting back to us and set up a return appointment!  Awesome!

Church was FANTASTIC!  The youth speakers didn't show up, so yours truly got called to bear her testimony on missionary work.  The other two speakers were phenomenal--again all on missionary work.  I got to sub as pianist for choir, which was way fun.  We had a  quick lunch and then did some more studies at the church.  We headed to dinner with the Blacks--I LOVE that family.  Pot roast, vegetables, homemade jam, and cheescake for dessert.  Oh yum.  Are you seeing a pattern with delicious meals this week?  We went tracting for the rest of the night--in Manheim :D

Love you all and hope you have a fantastic week!

Sister Denton

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