Sister Denton's Marvelous Mission: 2/6/12- Letter to the World

Monday, February 6, 2012

2/6/12- Letter to the World

Hello World!

Well it's been another crazy week here in PA!  Today marks the beginning of my last transfer.  I can't even believe it!  Six more weeks to rock it out here in the mission field and then the rest of my life to apply it and be the best member missionary I can!

Okay...on to the week!

We had two appointments fall through, so we went over to a less active family and had a great lesson with them.  I wish people would just realize how much the gospel is going to bless their lives!

We went for our appointment with Bro Frost and he told us that he was no longer interested in meeting with us.  I hate when that happens!  We went over to Sis Meza's house for lunch and taught a little lesson afterward to her husband.  Next we went to meet Pierre--a referral we had.  He is a MIRACLE!!  We went over with Sis Vargas.  His mother in NY is a member.  He's from the Dominican Republic.  He is SO prepared!  He's got a wife and 3 kids, plus one on the way.  They all came to church on Sunday and loved it!  We're teaching them again tonight.  They are so incredible.  We taught Bernard this week--he's doing well.  We also got to go see Soila.  We had dinner with them and then taught a lesson.

After a combined District Meeting and lunch at Applebee's, we took care of some business and then went off to a less active.  Later that night, we went to a less active Part member family and the husband agreed to sit in on the lessons!  How exciting!

Service day!  I played Uno for a little over an hour with some women at the nursing home.  After that, we went to Bernard's, but he wasn't there.  We taught the Hilliers next...they're so awesome!  Next we had dinner with the Lawson's--'twas so fun!  Their little girls are adorable!  That night Bro White came with us to teach Bro Graham and Sis Betsey.  I love them to pieces.  It was a great lesson, but unforunately they called us this morning and said they'd like to read on their own and they'll call us when they want us back.

Some women from the ward took us out to lunch, which was awesome.  We went to Sis Schneider's house and had another great lesson with her.  Next we went to Bro Douglas' house.  He and his 5-year old came on a church tour.  He bore amazing testimony of miracles he'd seen that week since he's started meeting with us, praying morning and night, and reading from the Book of Mormon.  Again, he is so prepared!  Next was dinner. Our last appointment canceled.  We stopped by Sis Kelley's--she was home!  Her son wanted to come to church :D  So great!

We went to the White's baptism.  There were some non-members there that are pretty good friends with them.  We tracted some and went to Ciro's--my favorite Italian restauarant--for dinner.  We taught a less active man and after that, we went to help a less actvive woman clean some.

I LOVE Sundays!  Like I said, the whole Douglas family came to church!  It was so awesome!  Sis Kelley's son came alone and then one of our part-member investigators came.  So awesome!  We stopped by a less active family and then went to the White's for a PHENOMENAL dinner!  Ribs, Wings, fruit and dip, meat and cream-cheese wontons, this awesome cream cheese dessert as well as strawberry and chocolate wontons.  Oh...and chips and dip!  We headed out and did our studies for the rest of the night, which was convenient, because Superbowl Sunday is not a very productive tracting time.

Well today we might be going to get our hair cut...we'll see!

Here's a poem I wrote recently--

My mission, I've found, is just about o'er
I'm soon walking right out the door.
But I'm taking more home than I ever did plan
It's God's way, He always leaves more.

My old worn-out shoes that are falling apart
will add to the weight of my case,
but the things that I've learned while walking in them
weight nothing and time can't erase.

I've learned how to love with a charity pure
and feel God's love shine right through me
He loves all His children and wants them to know
Their potential and what they can be.

The next thing I've learned is how to endure
every painstaking task that I'm giv'n
at the end of each street, I was glad I pressed on
and I'll feel the same when I'm in heav'n

The life of the Savior--just what He went through,
is something I'll ne'er understand
but an 18-month step in Gethsamane here
has taugth me to hold to His hand

There are many more lessons and prinicples learned,
I could fill pages more with this poem
but it'll mean so much more if you learn for yourself
so go--bring a child of God home.

Missions are awesome!  Love ya'll!

Sister Denton

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