Sister Denton's Marvelous Mission: 2/20/12- Letter to the World

Monday, February 20, 2012

2/20/12- Letter to the World

Hello World!

It's President's Day and the library is open--how cool is that?!

We got to teach Soila--she's doing well!  She's getting more and more excited for her baptism.

After lunch, we went to volunteer at the library--sorting books for the book fair.  Our volunteer coordinator is very curious about our religion and we were happy to answer questions as we sorted.  I'd prayed for the opportunity to have a gospel discussion and it presented itself!

We went to Manheim next where we were ditched by our appointments.  We came back to teach Bernard.  We had dinner with the Padillas--love them!  Next we went to a family's house that we'd tracted into a couple of days before.  They're very strong Catholics and were not interested, but allowed us to teach a lesson and took a Book of Mormon!  We ended the night with the Douglas family and watched the long Joseph Smith movie.  'Twas great!

After District Meeting, we went to lunch with Sis Meza and taught her husband--I love them!  We tracted some and then went to Sis Wood's.  We had dinner with Sis Mathis again--this is going to be a weekly thing!  We had meat, homemade potatoes, corn, and pie for dessert!  (This week is spaghetti :D).  We ended the night tracting.

We were in most of the morning because Sis Page wasn't feeling well, so I got to organize the area book some more.  We had dinner with the Brintons--pork, potatoes and veggies with ice cream and a muffin for dessert!  We got stood up the rest of the night, so we were out tracting!

After Weekly Planning, we got to teach Soila again.  We went home for dinner and then tracted until our 8pm appointment.

Lititz had Fire and Ice going on, so we went downtown and street contacted some.  We then headed out to Manheim where pretty much everything fell through.  We went to the Stone's for a lesson and then went back out.  The last part was really great and we got some good potentials!

Church was SO cool!  We walked in and there was a couple I didn't recognize--they aren't members!  Ione lived in Utah for a few years, but now lives out here.  She brought her fiance Coy with her.  We got their number!  During the sacrament, a member pulled us out.  Russell is from Nepal and his sister and brother-in-law just came here as refugees.  He's driven by our church and decided this is the church for them and their 5 kids, so we got his information.  On the way to gospel principles, another member introduced us to Sammy, who had just shown up to church.  She has an LDS friend and has been reading the Book of Mormon.  We got an appointment with her.  After choir (I got to sub as pianist again), Bishop called us in and gave us a referral.  A woman in the ward married a non-member the day before and the Bishop invited him to take the lessons--he agreed!  What the heck!?  So awesome!

Well, I'm off for another P-Day!  We're low on miles, so it'll be pretty low-key again.

Love you all!
Sister Denton

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