Sister Denton's Marvelous Mission: 2/27/12- Letter to the World

Monday, February 27, 2012

2/27/12- Letter to the World

Hello World!

After P-Day, we got to go teach the Douglas family.  It went really well!

After volunteering, we headed out to Manheim.  We were able to have a couple of less active lessons, which was great.  We had dinner with Sis Archer--love her!  And she made MEXICAN!  That's few and far between in PA.  They could really use a Cafe Rio out this way.  In fact, they opened one near the DC temple last summer and that was like the talk of the ward!

The best part of the night was Sammy.  She's one of the people who just showed up to church last week.  She's so amazing!  We ended up having more of a discussion than a lesson, but it went really well!

We had another great dinner at the Mathis's--spaghetti, and then FINALLY had our lesson with Sam--the guy we met from England.  We had a great lesson with them, but they weren't interested in learning more.  We finished up with Anton, a guy we've been teaching for awhile who went to Lanc Bible College.

We had another lesson with Sis Meza and her husband.  They're heading out for an extended Florida vacation, so I won't get to teach them again.  We had a combined District Meeting/Specialized Training with President.  It was on How to Begin Teaching and was really great!  I always love when President comes out!  We got to teach Magen again...she's so amazing, too!  She's from Honduras and has a nephew that is a member out there.

LEADERSHIP TRAINING!  I love training meetings!  And to make it even better....Chiliwood!  I've attached pictures of it.  It was a lot of fun!  And if my dad will send me the link this week (hint hint...we'll see if he reads this far :D), I can forward it next week to everyone.  My comp and I performed in the Variety Show, though it didn't go as planned, lol.

We got to see Sis Stones again, which was good.  I love their family!  We also got to see Sis Heaton.

Stake Conference!  I LOVE Stake Conference!  We heard from Pres and Sis Topham, the DC Temple President and Matron, our Stake President, and a woman from one of the wards.  It was fabulous!  We had some studies and then a great Sunday dinner with the Massey.  We were going to have an FHE at Bishop's with the Douglas family, but they've been sick this week.  Sammy made it to church again, which was AWESOME!

Life is pretty much amazing!

Love you all!

Sister Denton

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