Sister Denton's Marvelous Mission: 2/13/12- Letter to the World

Monday, February 13, 2012

2/13/12- Letter to the World

Hello World!

I hope all is going well with everyone!  Here's the update for the week:

We taught the Douglas Family again!  I love them to death!  We picked Sister Douglas up as an investigator, but the boys still go to the back room to play when we come over.  Hopefully that will change!  They are doing great.  Bro Douglas has such an amazing testimony of this work and has GREAT support from his family. I'm excited to see him continue to progress!

We started our service at the library--sorting books for the book fair.  It's pretty fun!  Later that afternoon we taught Bernard.  He's been just reading along!  We went tracting that evening with not much success....but it was definitely an interesting night!!  As we were walking to the car, a cop pulled us over.
"Someone called you in as suspicious....I guess you didn't look Mormon enough."
"I guess I'd better make sure you're who you say you are.  Who's the angel that came to John Smith?"
"Okay.  It's getting kind of late to be out."
"We're heading to our car now."
 Gotta love PA!

We got to teach Soila this day.  She's doing great!  We're just waiting for clearance on her baptism.  She is SO excited!

Sister Page was sick, so I spent the morning going through our former investigator book and calling those that have been taught in the past.  We got a referral and a potential investigator out of it!  We taught Bernard and Altagracia again.  We had dinner with Sis Mathis--Salmon and Crab Cakes.  Turns out it's good!  I was really scared!  We went to the Douglas' house next for an appointment, but he decided to feed us too.  We had rice and beans and Dominican Spaghetti.

After planning, we stopped by Niki's, but her fam was sick, so she had to cancel. We had other appointments fall through.  We were invited to participate in the Visiting Teaching Conference, so that was a fun experience.  Then we went to an appointment with Magen from Puerto Rico and she became a new investigator.  She was staring at our tags at one point--turns out her nephew is LDS in Puerto Rico and always talking about it online.

Every appointment or thought of an appointment fell through and it was COLD and snowy.  Joy.  About 30 min before our 8pm appointment, they called.  I answered the phone and said, "Sister....we've been walking for the last 3 hours in the cold and snow.  If you cancel right now, we are out for another hour.  I hope you're not calling to cancel."  "I was, but now I feel guilty, so I'll let you come over."  You have to understand, we don't usually set appointments with them because they cancel last minute.  Usually we just show up.  They're a Recent convert/ less active family in the ward who really needs a push.  It was a good lesson and I thought she was SO committed to church, but she didn't show again :(  There's always next week.

Church was great!  Bro Douglas bore his testimony in Gospel Principles.  Soila is so excited that she's been 3 times so she can finally be baptized.  We sing in the Ward Choir for our lunch break, which is fun.  I'm filling in on piano again next week :D  The Douglas' canceled, so we were out in the freezing cold again.  People give us weird looks normally, but even more so when it's like 25 degrees and we're knocking on doors lol.  We got some return appointments, though!

Well, that's the week!  We're going to have another great one this week!  The gospel is SO awesome!  It's it and you'll be blessed!

Love ya!

Sister Denton

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