Sister Denton's Marvelous Mission: 1/23/12- Letter to the World

Monday, January 23, 2012

1/23/12- Letter to the World

Hello World!

We had a great week!

We went to follow up with some potentials and got to go in and teach a lesson to one!  Maribel became a new investigator.  She has 5 kids, so there's a lot of potential there!  We had interviews with President and then headed up to the Archer's for dinner.  We went to a member's home to have them follow us to a less active that they just started Visiting teaching to help them get to know one another.  Hopefully we can get her out to church!

After studies, we headed up to Harrisburg for a specialized training meeting.  It was really fantastic!  Training meetngs always are :D  We went back and taught Soila a great lesson on obedience and tithing...I really hope to see her baptized before I leave!  Her big hold up is getting to church.  We stopped by the Stones next.  Last of all was Anton, the Bible College grad we've been seeing for awhile.  It was a great lesson and he is willing to try to find out if it's true!

We started the day by tracting.  We went to Luthercare next.  They are having activites there, now, so I got to play Scrabble and Upwords with a few of the residents--and they totally beat me!  We went to Sis Kelley's next and taught about baptism.  She's closer to accepting a date, I think!  Next was the Wright's for dinner--great family and delcious dinner!  We taught Laura last.  She's moving to the Elder's area this next week, so hopefully she can progress there!

After planning, we went to another potential--Niki.  She let us in and became a new investigator also!  We went to our next appointment, and she wasn't there, but we "Open Your Mouthed" a woman at the mailbox and it was her!  She's moving, but she seemed interested in meeting with missionaries!  We went tracting for a little while and tracted this cute Vietnamese woman.  We'd been parked in front of her house, so after her door, we went to get more layers on because it was FREEZING.  As we were about to start tracting again, she waved us down.  She'd been making this hat and she wanted to give it to me because I wasn't wearing one.  So sweet!  So now I have a bright pink/grey reversible hat.  :D  We didn't have a dinner break, so we went to the Pinewood Derby to support Bernard.  He didn't make it, though, so we headed home.  We stopped by Sis Kelleys' for a little bit to see if the kids made it.  We ended up tracting that night.  I felt like we should go on this one street that I know I'd done part of like 3 months ago, but I couldn't remember how much.  We started partway down, and everyone seemed really rude and uninterested.  I still felt like we should keep going.  At one house, I realized I'd done these houses before, but I still felt like we should keep going.  We got to the end of the street and the last house I stopped at and almost didn't go up to because I specifically remembered tracting it.  I couldn't remember if they answered, though, so we went up and Magen let us in!  She's hispanic and said we could come back!!!  Yay for the Spirit!

We taught Sis Kelleys and the kids this morning and watched the longer Joseph Smith movie.  Micaela had made us all these cute little cards and one said "I like you gises so much!"  Cute :D  We headed down to find some potentials, but none went through.  We headed out to Manheim to tract some.  Our dinner canceled, so we had pizza and then went tracting some more.  It was really cold, but we got some new potentials!

Church was fabulous.  We had dinner with the Gross--a great family.  We went to the Gill's next and they took us out to pick up Bro Hunter--our potential from Haiti.  It was a great lesson and he is now a new investigator!  Next we had to head straight out to Luise and Zach's.  We had part of L2 with them.  Sis Meza gave us each a neckwarmer she made..super cute!  She also gave us some DELICOUS pineapple upside down cake.

Today we're laying low.  After P-Day we have some appointment with potentials from Saturday, so hopefully they turn into new investigators, too!

Love ya!

Sister Denton

I don't think I have any cooking woes from this week...improvement and progression has one eternal round, right?

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