Sister Denton's Marvelous Mission: 8/1/11- Letter to the World

Monday, August 1, 2011

8/1/11- Letter to the World

Hello World!!

Here's the week!

We're back to one car, so we went with the sisters to run all of our errands.  We went tracting that evening and met Yogi, who set up a return appointment.  That's his nickname because he can do the impression!

We also had a woman call that day from Indiana with a referral!  Those are the best.  We found him and it turns out he wasn't interested, but it's still awesome to see people trying to share the gospel with their friends!

Our Relief Society President took us out to the Waffle Shop to help us look over the less active list and know who to help where.  After that, we got to teach Zack again!  That guy is so amazing!

Next we got to teach Callie.  Sis Johnson and I met her back in early June and we didn't think she was too potential.  Sis Mortensen and I stopped by to see if she was interested and she told us that last time we'd stopped by, she was having a really bad day, but it was much better.  Also, she told us that each time she read from the Book of Mormon, it made her feel better.  Unfortunately, she also said she was moving.  We left, but I kept feeling like we needed to do something more.  We had a couple of appointments set up with her last week, but they all fell through, so we finally got to meet with her on this day.  It was so great!  She really wants to learn and even accepted another Book of Mormon since she had packed hers.  The sad thing is, she moved on Thursday.  We'll try and keep in contact, but she didn't want missionaries where she lives.  I hope that she will continue to seek this out!  It was amazing to see someone really get the message of the Restoration!

We had interviews with President.  It was great to see him and Sister Topham again.

We got to have dinner with Samantha, an amazing woman that's been coming back to the church.  She has two of the cutest little boys I've ever met in my life!!

We also got to teach Sandy for the last time--she's now in Pittsburgh.  We called the Elders there to brief them and it seems she's in good hands :D  I'm going to miss her a lot!  It was weird not to see her at church.

WednesdayAfter District Meeting, we went and taught Caden.  We taught him with Shaun, a Recent Convert.  It was one of the best lessons we've had!  It was amazing!  We asked him to pray at the end, and he said no as usual, but Sis. M shared an experience and he agreed to pray!  He truly is progressing and it's exciting to see the change coming over him!

We also got to teach Kalea--the girl who recognized me from the bus.  It was a GREAT lesson and she really recognized and felt the Spirit.  She agreed to baptism on Aug 27!

That night we went and taught Yogi.  He was less accountable than we originally thought, but he may come to church at some point!  We went with our team-up to drop by the Memmott's and on the way home met a wonderful woman from Mexico named Janelle.  I really hope we're able to teach her more!  It was an amazing little lesson right there in the street.  It really is so important to talk to everyone!

We taught a new potential named Wes, but he wasn't too interested in progressing.  He did agree to read and pray, however!  We met with Zack right after.  We'd given him The Restoration DVD to watch.  One of his questions went as follows: "Many times in the movie, Joseph's dad told him to ask and pray."  "Yes..."  "Why didn't HE just ask?"  So then we got to have a whole discussion on foreordination and how prophets are called.  He very much wants to know that these things are true!

We did a forum at the HUB and met a less active who's records aren't out here.  I gave him a Book of Mormon and he came back about 10 min later having read from it and double checking what he should where to church!  So cool!

We also went over to the Memmott's and recorded more stories.  We also found out that he'd read a couple dozen pages from the Book of Mormon!  Hopefully that will progerss!!

We had another great lesson with Caden with Shaun as a team-up again.  It's so great to have the testimony of a convert!  Shaun was just baptized in January.

We had dinner with an awesome family again.  He is from Zimbabwe and we had Madza!  It's cornmeal mixed with water--kind of a dough--and stew.  You make a ball and scoop the soup up!  It's messy, but fun :D While we were there, we saw a black bear lumber across the parking lot!  Crazy!!!

We taught Deb that night--we hadn't seen her for awhile.  She's the one from Liberia. We read with her since she hadn't and got another return appointment.

We also got to teach Rachel.  She still hadn't read and hadn't been coming to church, so we really emphasized the importance of doing so.  She came to church this week :D  We'll have to follow up on her reading still!

We met with Kalea again and she said she acted too hastily and wants to push her date back a year.  Hopefully she will change her mind as she learns more :D  She loved the Plan of Salvation!  I do too!  It's so true!

We met with Kyle--another Chinese man we met.  We're teaching him English through gospel discussions.  He's not interested in learning at this point.

We also got to see Bro Rich again and read from the Book of Mormon with him.  Our team-up was my freshman year RA!!  Cool :D

We got to see Bro. McAllister receive the Aaronic Priesthood (he was baptized end of May and is 75).

30 seconds left!

Caden, Zack, Rachel, and an AWESOME woman I'll talk about next week came to church!

Love ya!

Sister Denton

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