Sister Denton's Marvelous Mission: 7/25/11- Letter to the World

Monday, July 25, 2011

7/25/11- Letter to the World

Well hello world!

First P-Day for Sis. Mortensen, so we ran our errands and then wrote letters.  We actually had an appointment scheduled with Ben at 5, so we had to catch the bus at 4:30 (P-Day normally ends at 6).  He didn't show up, but he rescheduled (see Friday :D).  Afterward we went to the Memmott's house.  They are an older couple we met.  We started recording their personal history!  They have some great stories.  Near the end, he asked a little about the last was even more promising on Thursday!

We got to meet with Zack!  He is the coolest.  We had given him a lesson 2 (Plan of Salvation) pamphlet to read over, and he came with it all marked up and ready to ask questions!  He asks questions I've never even thought of before!  What amazes me, though, is that the gospel answers all of them.  This truly is Christ's church, restored in it's fulness to the earth.  We had a forum later that day and stopped by some members that had moved in the night before.

After District Meeting, we met with Caden.  He now has a date for September 3.  He's accepting everything well, but he just needs to take it seriously and I know he'll get an answer!  We got to teach Shaun, a recent convert.  Actually, we had him teach us, and it was amazing!  We actually took him out teaching with us later that week because he was so awesome! 

We went to a forum for a little while and then off to service at the food bank.  Next we got to teach Richie, our friend from India.  He is one of the happiest people in the world and you can't help but smile when you're around him!  We started teaching lesson 1 (Restoration), but didn't make it too far.  We talked a lot about the Priesthood.  After dinner, we went and saw the Memmotts again.  While there, his brother and niece came over, but they left after a few minutes.  We were able to talk about the Priesthood that night and Sis. Mortensen gave them a Book of Mormon, which they took!  I really hope they read it.  It's amazing what family history can do!  We're hoping we can compile it to give as a gift to their children and them at their wedding anniversary in October.

We got to teach Zack again!  He had more questions about the Plan of Salvation.  He is seeking to know so much!  I absolutely love teaching him!  I got to volunteer at Youth Conference and help teach an ASL class.  That was fun to use it some!  We had an appointment at 4 that fell through, but our 5pm appt came early, so it worked!  It was with Ben.  Shaun was there for our team-up, but Ben could only stay like 10 minutes.  We were able to introduce the concept of God to him (he's from China) and he said the closing prayer!  He's willing to meet again, though he's very busy.  We got to teach Rachel that night, another investigator from China.  She's working toward Aug 20 for baptism.  We ended up reading with her again because she hadn't read this week.  In her prayer, she told Heavenly Father that she thinks it might be important to read on her own.  I hope this happens!

We started the day with our correlation meetings.  We went to follow up with a referral we received, but they weren't home, so we headed back for an appointment that didn't come.  Next we headed up to Bellefonte to teach Bro Rich.  He received it pretty well, except for the Priesthood being held only by men and only in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  He agreed, though, that if he reads and prays and comes to know that Joseph Smith is a prophet, that it's all true!  We'll meet with him again!

Sundays we are at the church from 7:45-4:30pm, so the day really starts with our dinner appointment.  Our RS President had encouraged us to do more finding further away from State College, so we prayed about whether we should go to Centre Hall or Spring Mills.  I felt one and Sis. Mortensen felt the other, so we flipped a coin and went to Centre Hall.  A less active member who is out of town came into my head, so we decided to tract her street.  On the way, this member actually texted us and asked us to check on her pets (she'd been out of town about 3 weeks).  As we drove up, the landlord's daughter and the neighbor were over.  The neighbor had been taken care of the dog, because no one else had been doing it and the landlord's daughter had been told the house had been abandoned, so they were checking it out.  I'm glad we were able to be there to at least know what's going on!  We didn't want to tract the street after that, so we headed off to Spring Mills.  I'd never been there, so we put it in the GPS and picked the first led us up to a little trailer park!  We only had about 20 minutes left by this time, but we knocked the first door and met Bro Mott.  He took a Book of Mormon and may meet with us again!  Super exciting!

Well, my time is dwindling, so I must bid you adieu!

Love you all!

Sister Denton

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