Sister Denton's Marvelous Mission: 7/5/11- Letter to the World

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

7/5/11- Letter to the World

Hello World!

Let's get down to business!

For P-Day we took some pictures on campus and I got to rock out on the piano...well, as much as you can rock out to church music lol.  It was fabulous though!

We taught Bro Randall again--the referral out in the Elders' old area.  He had read all of 1 Nephi!!  In a week!  He really wants to know if this is true, and I'm excited to help him find out!  He said he'd pray about a date to set for a goal to be baptized.

We had a forum in the morning--we set up a little table at an assigned place on campus and get to contact anyone that comes by!  It's quite fun.  We had District Meeting afterward on campus, since we 4 sisters make up the district.  Our 3:30 stood us up, but James, our team-up, suggested going to see Sariah.  It was a great lesson!  She agreed to try reading every day so long as we text her.  In reality, though, she's been AWESOME this week and has read every morning before we even remind her!!

We had dinner at a member's with Rachel and her husband, Hank.  They are from China and she reminds me so much of YeYang!  We talked about the Word of Wisdom and she said, "Mormons don't drink?  Even the men?  Maybe you just don't know..."  lol.  Hank keeps the Word of Wisdom perfectly, but he's not really interested in learning.  Because it was a member's, though, he was at least in the room as we read from the Book of Mormon

After they left, we went out tracting and got POURED on, so we ran to another member's home to dry off and teach a little lesson.  'Twas a good day!

We volunteered at a blood drive on campus--we got to run the food station.  We met an awesome FBI agent who lived in Utah for awhile.  He told us that John Huntsman had announced his candidacy...funny how we find out those things through nonmembers! lol

We had dinner with a member and then taught Marie again.  I LOVE her so much!  She is the Muslim from Kuwait who came to church on Sunday!  She gave me a beautiful hairpiece that I had complimented on Sunday.  We watched the Restoration DVD and she said that she felt like she was kneeling next to Joseph as the light came down.  Wow! 

ThursdayWe went on exchanges and I got to be with Sister Wilson!  Woot!  I love her so much!  We did another forum.  Sister Johnson stayed in our area and we got a new investigator.  She also went to see Marie again and she had had a dream about Christ.  Ashley had read through 1 Ne 13!  In one day!  Sister Wilson and I went to see this awesome guy named John she'd met last week.  He'd already read halfway through!  (He finished on Sunday!)  He's ROCKIN'!

We taught Justin, who is another awesome new investigator.  Hopefully you'll hear more about him.  We also went to see Samantha, an amazing woman who has recently started coming back to church.  She then came with us to teach Bro. McAllister--my favorite 75-yr-old Recent Convert ever!  He has such a strong faith!  His wife sat in too, which is great :D

We had meetings in the morning and then went to see Sis. Mickels--a less active who got in a crash the night before.  We then went to a baptism, which was so great!  It was for an 8-yr-old, but I LOVE baptisms!!  We taught a member afterward and then went home for dinner.  We went out contacting and then went and taught Sariah a lesson.  I love her!

SundayChurch was pretty standard--awesome.  Sis Kost went home, so we're back to a threesome.


'Twas great!  We had to be in by 6pm and do paperwork till 9.  At 9, we made an AWESOME music video.  O ya.

I love you all!  This truly is Christ's church and can bless everyone!  It's not just for some :D

Love ya!

Sister Denton

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