Sister Denton's Marvelous Mission: 6/27/11- Letter to the World

Monday, June 27, 2011

6/27/11- Letter to the World

Hello World! what's been going on here in PA?

She was out of town most of this week, but she is home and doing well!  We've been reading from the Book of Mormon with her a lot. She's preparing for the 31st of July, so she just needs to get an answer by then!  She is more active then some of our members!

He came to the barbecue that the branch put on.  He's kind of put out by all of the rules that we as missionaries have to follow.  He doesn't think Heavenly Father would be so restrictive.  We talked about choices and blessings that come from obedience. The Word of Wisdom came up and he wasn't a huge fan of the idea.  He's going out of town, but we'll see if he'll continue to meet with us after.  I hope so.  The guidelines given by prophets truly are from the Lord.

He's doing pretty well.  He's made a lot of friends, and has come to some social events.  He's out of town for the 4th as well, so we'll see what happens when he gets back.

Tyson is from China, but came to NY for the last two years of high school at a Catholic school.  He notices the lack of the Spirit now that he's in college and not making God a priority.  He really does want this, which is awesome.  In fact, we'd met with one of his friends, Kyle, and he told us that Kyle just wasn't ready to hear it.  Tyson is awesome :D  He reminds me a lot of YeYang.

He's from down South and has a very strong faith in Christ.  He's willing to check out the Book of Mormon and learn, though!

He is one of my favorite people ever!  He's from India and has an awesome accent and a quick wit.  He's made really good friends with Vaughn, our Branch Mission Leader.  We've taught him once, but ran into him on campus a few other times.  He came to the BBQ too, and actually brought friends!  One of which we may continue teaching :D

Now for the ward

She's pretty much the only one we're working with in the ward.  She's from China.  I don't remember if I talked before about reading from the Book of Mormon with her.  She hadn't been doing it, so we read with her for a lesson, and she LOVED it!  She had no idea the Book of Mormon was so exciting!  I hope she makes time to continue progressing!  That's the biggest thing with her, she's busy.  She's also moving to CA soon, so if she doesn't get baptized on her date (July 26), I hope she can hook up with missionaries there.

And finally our curve ball!

There are currently no Elders in the area next to us (which is why Sis Wilson is our District Leader).  We received a referral from their area and we went last Monday.  It's an hour drive one way!  It was SO worth it though!  Bro. Randall is an amazing investigator who's had lots of LDS friends in the past.  He loves the lifestyle and has observed that members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints just seem happier!  It was a great lesson with a former Branch President from the area.  We're meeting with him again tonight and he's scheduled in church for next week (he was out of town this week).

So's been a great week!  State College is a great area, and I've been so blessed to get to know Sis. Wilson and Sis. Kost better before they leave next week.  This is Christ's church!  Remember that and live it :D  I love this quote by Elder Holland, "It's hard for an egg to become a bird, but it's impossible for an egg to learn to fly."  We have to go through hard times to reach our potential!  Sometimes, living the standards of the church are hard, but it's impossible for us to do what God asks of us if we won't try!  Like Elder Denton (the one and only) said a couple of weeks ago, obedience yields blessings.

Love ya!

Sister Denton

PS--P-Day plans for the day include Penn State pics around campus, rockin' on the piano (as much as you can rock with EFY songs), and making a music video doing the Hakka to Alex Boye's version of "Israel, Israel, God is Calling."  Look it's a great version :D

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