Sister Denton's Marvelous Mission: 6/13/11- Letter to the World

Monday, June 13, 2011

6/13/11- Letter to the World

Hello World!

It's been a crazy week here in State College.  A sister went home early, so Sister Johnson and I are in a tripanionship with Sister Wilson--a temple square sister.  We are going crazy trying to teach all of our investigators, which is actually a fabulous problem to have!!  Add to that, I love Sister Wilson to pieces!  We have a ton in common and it has been a fabulous few days!  We may be getting a mini-missionary until Thursday, so things will go back to normal until Sister Wilson leaves a week before transfers to return to Temple Square.

We mainly taught people from the branch this week, so I'll just talk about them!

She has a baptismal date!!  She's been studying with missionaries for awhile.  We taught her twice this week--both reading from the Book of Mormon.  The second time we read with her, she read it in Japanese and we'd translate in English...she's trying to learn Japanese.  Anyway....I tried to commit her to baptism the first time, but it kind of failed.  She doesn't want to commit because she'd feel obligated to tell her parents and they are very against it.  She wants to be prepared enough to answer their questions.  So Sis. Wilson came in and was able to pretend she didn't know we'd tried committing her in the past and had the idea to do it for July 31.  So she's set with the 31st!!  Woot!

So my time is totally almost gone!!

Love ya!
Sister Denton

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