Sister Denton's Marvelous Mission: 8/15/11- Letter to the World

Monday, August 15, 2011

8/15/11- Letter to the World

So...I was just surfing wondering how I had so much extra time when I realized I hadn't written a Letter to the World!!  And now I have 4:30 minutes left!

Taught Zack.  He almost dropped us, but he is going to keep meeting with us!  I'm so glad!  He's awesome.  We also met with Kalea.  She's doing well and always feels calm as she meets with us!  She's out of town now for a week and a half.  We went and helped Caden clean his apartment, which his roommate had left DISGUSTING.  He's on a trip to Europe now.  After dinner with the Smith's, we went to their neighbor's house to teach and it went well!  They said we could come back!

Tracting ever tracting :D

We taught Richie, and he totally pulled one over on us!  We asked if he'd read and he said, "No, but I prayed."  We asked if he received an answer and he said he'd had an "experience."  We were SO excited and he said, "As I was praying, this bright light started shining and Joseph Smith appeared to me."  Haha.  Very funny.  Anyway, he'll keep reading and praying!  We went and saw Bro Rich that night and watched the Restoration--intense lesson!  We saw the Memmott's later that night--still not interested in the gospel, but full of great stories! 

Off to Harrisburg for Leadership Training!  We also got to teach the awesome Wesleys!

Helped out the RS Pres and got to teach Bro McAllister (75 yr old Recent Convert)

Went out to the Philipsburg Branch to speak. 

Love you all!

Sister Denton

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