Sister Denton's Marvelous Mission: 9/22/11- Letter to the World

Monday, August 22, 2011

9/22/11- Letter to the World

Okay world....I have 35 minutes, so this is going to be AWESOME because I just lived one of the best weeks of my entire life :D

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Super Awesome
That's right...back to color coding :D

After P-Day, we went to find a referral.  He wasn't interested, but we went tracting.  The next house, a man was outside, so we went to talk to him and he gave us a giant box of tomatoes.  We had 2 more hours to tract, what were we supposed to do with a giant box of tomatoes?  So we carried it with us to the next house and set it to the side.  The people talked to us for a little while, but weren't interested, so I asked if they wanted any tomatoes.  They were discussing it when I mentioned that the neighbors had just given us the box.  The woman responded that the day previous, she had given THEM a box of tomatoes.  Super awkward.  Anywho, we went to give some to a couple we'd met a couple of roads down who was super nice and invited us in and gave us water last time.  They took some.  Then we took some up the street to another woman we'd met who is older and super sweet.  Turns out she LOVES tomatoes and thanked us.  :D

Tracting the rest of that street was relatively uneventful. it wasn't least not compared to regular tracting terms.  We met a woman who ended up yelling at us.  We got a return appointment with an older woman.  We met a cool guy named George from Germany.  We're teaching him tonight.  Lol...we met this guy named Dan who I'd actually met before.  I knew he looked familiar, but couldn't place him.  Last time I met him, my companion and I had been walking through the library and he passed and just said, "Hi Sisters!"  Well, no one but members of the Church call us sisters, and we didn't recognize him from the branch, but he was gone.  We continued out the door and I wished I'd said something more.  Next thing we knew, he came up behind us and just started walking with us on campus!  Turns out his bro is LDS, though he's not interested at all.  He just walked across the campus with us like we were all lifelong friends and as soon as we parted ways that was that, he was gone!  It was like a whirlwind or something, but he was just a happy person.  Okay, so back to Monday night.  I walked up to hand him a card and was like, "Wait, do we know you?"  "No"  "Have you talked to sisters before?"  "Not recently"  "Oh--okay, well we're missionaries....(intro)"  "Will you do me a favor?"  "Um...okay."  "Will you sing a song with me right here right now?"  (Mind you we're standing in the middle of the road, but I am me and I do love to sing...)  "Sure!"  "I was in a Mormon church once and I know you sing this song....'Because I Have Been Given Much'"  So we sang it.  Right there in the middle of the road!  He actually knew the song better than we did lol.  And once it was over, he was gone again!  I want to be like him though, he just changed our entire night!  We were so happy afterward!

The moral of that story is...go make someone happy!  :D

TuesdaySo we got to teach Zack again!  If you'll remember from last week, he almost dropped us.  We taught the Word of Wisdom with James and it was awesome!  Before we even got into it, though, he asked some typically amazing Zack questions: 

  • If we have to experience life to know what happiness is, did God experience earth life so He can know how happiness feels?
  • Where did God come from?
  • If our body is a temple, why does God give it cancer?
Man I love that guy!  So, we committed him to the Word of Wisdom!  He usually drinks tea while doing his research all day, but ever since Tuesday he's just had hot water!  Woot!  He kept trying to give scientific reasons for why it's good and then James was just like, "You've just got to do it because it's a commandment from God!"  Man, member team-ups are the best!

Next we had a forum, but they were painting our assigned area, so we went tracting instead.  We had a member dinner with a cute new family and then went to a less active lesson.  They canceled, though, so we went tracting again.

This is where we had our first awesome tracting experience!  We've been struggling in this companionship to get other lessons while finding.  Well, we did it!  We got 6--a personal high!  It's especially hard in neighborhoods, which is where we were!  We met a COOL guy named Chase.  He was listening and was just saying how he has a church, etc.  So I was like, "Well, this is Jesus Christ's church--the only one on the earth today...." and talked along those veins.  He asked what our purpose was and Sister Mortensen was like, "Really?  It's to help you and your family to progress toward baptism."  It was just like bam, bam, you know!?  It was great!  He said he wasn't interested in baptism, but knowing that was our end goal, he still said he'd be willing to meet again!  I love the Spirit!  We also met a cute young family that I hope decides to learn someday!

This was another day full of tracting, etc, though not quite as effective as Tuesday.  We rode the bus up to Bellefonte and followed up with a referral and then walked to dinner after tracting some.  Another family picked us up and brought us back to the chapel where we practiced our song for the baptism and then went out tracting again.  We did get a cool referral tracting, but he lives in Pasadena, CA. :D

We started the day off with a forum!  And the zone leaders came, so it was really fun!  It was neat to see everyone's different style of contacting.  I met a SWEET girl from China named Susanna.  One of the first things she asked was if she could join our group--um yes!!  After that we all went out to lunch and then had District Meeting--no pressure to be in charge and have the Zone Leaders there lol.  It was good, though, and then they interviewed Jane (who is INCREDIBLE) for baptism.  We went and taught Richie the Word of Wisdom with Alan.  He just started to quit smoking like that day, which was awesome and he agreed to avoid alcohol, but wasn't so sure about coffee or tea yet.  As were were finding some afterward, we had two lessons OYMing, which almost never happens for us...and both agreed to meet with us!  Next we went to dinner with this awesome family.  I won't tell you there names, though, so I can tell you this hilarious story.  They have 3 little kids and as we were finishing up dinner, we looked over and the little boy was standing on the coffee table with a puddle under him.  His parents were like, "Aw!  Did you just wet your pants?"  As we're watching all this go down, he started splashing his feet in it and his sister came over and started playing in it.  Haha. It was disgusting but HILARIOUS!  That night we went to our appointment, but they weren't there, so we took our team-up to the Day's house (we met them last week).  The boyfriend, Jordan, was there and we ended up talking to him for like 15 minutes!  It was a great conversation and I REALLY hope we'll be able to teach this family!  He'd looked through Jessica's Book of Mormon and took his own and said he'd read it :D  Awesome!  I really hope we're able to teach this family!

FridayThe morning was filled with more errand type stuff, but the evening was AWESOME!  I just searched it, and I guess I've only talked about him in one letter!  He was a HQ referral back in June.  He read the whole Book of Mormon in like a week and basically just had the church on his short list as he was searching for the truth.  Well he found it :D  The other sisters have been teaching him and he was baptized Friday night!  It was SO cool and he bore an awesome testimony at the end.  The other sisters and I sang "I Am Not Ashamed"  a song my cousin wrote.  Zack and Richie both came!

Again...phemonal day!!  (AHHH  4 minutes left!)
We had three lessons with potentials that all turned into other new investigators!!
Sutton--we met him a while back and finally met with him.  He is very into his church, but after our lesson, he is really going to seek it out!  Woot!  We're meeting with him again next week
Levi--He has very low English, but is willing to learn!  I'd met him awhile ago, but when I called he said he didn't want to meet.  Last week, I saw him at the bus stop again, and he didn't sit by me on the bus---till about halfway through when he rushed up, sat down, and said, "You believe in a different Jesus."  The Chinese Church out here is very anti-Mormon, so we get a lot of that from the Chinese people.  It made him interested, though!  And while we were teaching, an older Chinese man was paying attention the whole time.  he waved me down and said, "What church are you from?"  I told him.  "You said you're the only true church?"  "Yes"  "And you have a prophet today?"  "Yes"  He said his name was Jordan, "Like the prophet"  :D  He came to the church Sunday, too!  But he's in the other sister's area.
Susanna--she's great (45 seconds!!)

Ahh Just believe me when I say it was absolutely incredible!

This truly is God's work.  Missionary work is amazing and I am so blessed to have the opportunity to serve!

Love ya!
Sister Denton

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