Sister Denton's Marvelous Mission: 8/29/11- Letter to the World

Monday, August 29, 2011

8/29/11- Letter to the World

So...I forgot my planner.  I hope I can remember everything from this week!  I may have to borrow Sis. Mortensen's!

This is week one of my second transfer of training!!  Can I just say--I LOVE State College?!  It's amazing!
So after our regular P-Day activities we deep-fried snickers and oreos.  The process is as follows:  Dip snicker/oreo in pancake batter, drop in a vat of boiling oil, once browned (about 10 seconds) remove, enjoy once cooled enough!  'Twas fun.  We also had indian leg wrestling and arm wrestling competitions.  'Twas fun.  Afterward we went to a lesson where our potential didn't show up and then tracted the rest of the evening!

Our first forum with the students back in town!  After 30 minutes, we completely ran out of supplies--over 200 "Open Your Mouths"!  Crazy!  We ran home to get more and renew our bus passes and then we got to teach Zack.  I love this guy!  We taught him with Alan this time, who is also a genius, so it went really well!  We did service at the food bank and when we got there everyone was like, "Did you feel the earthquake?"  Apparently the earthquake from DC was felt up here in PA too!  We were walking around and didn't even notice it :D  We had dinner with an awesome recent convert family.

Something exciting this transfer is that we have a real district leader!!  Woot!  Elder Neely and Elder Lavata'i doubled into Philipsburg.  And also, Elder Densley, my frist District Leader and one of my favorite people is the new Assistant!  The other assistant is my first Zone Leader.  If you've seen the pics, they are the two that look like Kyle and Cody haha.  Awesome!  So District Meeting was fun and Mama H came by, saw us, and bought us pizza!  She has a son in England and says she loves to do things for the missionaries so that someone in England will do it for her son!

We met with Caden for the first time in a while and it went really well!  We also got to see Susanna , one of my favorite people ever!  Her two little boys are ADORABLE.  We watched the Restoration DVD with them.  Then we went to another new family's house for dinner.

We went to see if any of our people would make it to institute.  They didn't, but the other sister's had some people there!  One is Suzanne who is just amazing!  She came to find out more about our church last Sunday and stayed all three hours.  She went to FHE, institute, the relief society activity, and church again this week.  Her boyfriend is a member and currently at BYU.  She's so amazing!  I'm super excited about her!

We had another forum that we got a couple of potentials from.  We also saw Zack and confirmed he'd be coming to church :D.  On the way back from the forum, we were carrying this super awkward table and a box of foreign language Book of Mormons to storage and a girl stopped and asked if we needed help.  She asked if we were from Hillel, which is the Jewish organization on campus.  She was going to help prepare the dinner they have every Friday.  We were supposed to teach Richie at 3:30, but couldn't get ahold of him and couldn't figure out where.  We tried one place at 3:15 and then walked to check the other about 3:30.  We thought he ditched us, so we went to help cook for the dinner as well!  First time in a kosher kitchen, super cool!  We chopped celery and opened TONS of cans.  We found out later that Richie was at the place we checked at 3:15 at 3:30.  We were able to reshedule later, though.  We had dinner with another amazing new family.  After dinner, she took us to Josiah's house.  Josiah is a blind man who was a referral.  He has a lot of questions about how to help his dead friends change their ways.  It was a great lesson!  He's moving to the other sister's area, but not until next week, so we taught him again Saturday.  Afterward, the sister drove us to the Relief Society activity where we met some more new sisters.  We got to meet another amazing new branch member there--Domitila.  She was just baptized 4 months ago and she is on fire!  She's willing to come out and teach with us :D

We got to teach Caden again!  We watched the John Tanner DVD with him and talked about baptism.  He was set with the 3rd, but we wanted to be sure he wanted this and was ready.  He thought about it during the movie and afterward decided on the 17th.  I feel a lot better about this date, so be excited for Sept 17th!  Afterward, we got to teach Kalea again, who's also been out of town.  She started reading the Book of Mormon!  Woot!  She also realized she's going to have to make a choice between the church she attends now and ours.  She keeps going to hers to say goodbye, but then misses some people.  Hopefully she'll come to ours on Sunday!

Saturday was crazy.  We had Ronnie first, who canceled.  Next were our correlation meetings.  Then we had Darius who didn't show up.  Then was supposed to be Levi, but he called VERY apologetically and canceled, so we went tracting.  Then we had to split to teach Jordan (the Chinese guy who overheard us last week) and Domenic (from Nigeria!)  Both lessons went very well and they became new investigators!  We got dropped off for a 15 minute dinner and then got picked up and dropped off at another members home who drove with us to Bro McAllister's, the 75-year-old recent convert.  We watched the John Tanner movie with him too.  Then another member picked us up and taught Josiah with us.  We were planning to go over Lesson 2, but he had questions about Brigham Young and Joseph Smith!  Sweet.  Again, it went very well.  Then another member drove us home.  There's no way we could've done that day without members!  EVERY lesson had a member there!  They are amazing!

Church was great.  Zack came for the first hour and Richie made it for the third.  We also had a recent convert come who hasn't been in awhile.  It was SO good to see him there!  We ate with a fun couple and then went tracting for a couple of hours until our appointment with Ruben  from Turkey.  Vaughn taught with us and it was an AMAZING lesson.  The Spirit was so strong at points.  Unfortunatley, Ruben did not feel it.  It was really sad to see him not be interested because we really gave our all.

Oh--and Hurricane Irene hit this day.  It was pretty much just rainy and windy, not bad at all.  We actually had a tornado warning last week during church that was WAY worse.  The craziest thunder and rain I've ever seen in my life!

So ya, 'twas a great week!  Being a missionary is awesome :D  Just sayin'!  I hit my year mark this week--I can't believe it!  Time goes SO fast!

I love you all!

Sister Denton

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