Sister Denton's Marvelous Mission: 11/1/10- Letter to the World

Monday, November 1, 2010

11/1/10- Letter to the World

It's November?!!  Today is my 2 month mark!  16 more to go!

Tomorrow is transfers, but my companion and I are staying together and staying here in the Millersville area!  What transfers mean to you folks is that you don't get a novel--I got a new planner and my old one is at home...with my schedule for last week.  Here are some highlights of the week.

We have a lady in our ward who does irisology (I think).  Basically, she took a picture of our eyeballs and read the lines and colors to see what's wrong with us.  I was kind of skeptical, but she listed some things that I knew I had.  For instance, she said I have high acid levels, and I've always claimed to have acid reflux.  Apparently I have beautiful genetics, but have been taking horrible care of my body.  Is anyone shocked?  Lol...who knew you actually had to eat healthily? She listed a bunch of other things too, but apparently all can be fixed (and this is true about pretty much anything that is wrong with you I guess) by eating lots of raw vegetables and stopping the intake of milk (gasp!!).  Who knew milk was bad!?  Well..I'll try to eat more raw vegetables, but I can't promise anything in the milk department.  Maybe I'll try to just drink a 1/2 gallon this week....we'll see.

The Trunk or Treat was on Wednesday!  The kids were SO cute.  My favorite was this little boy who dressed as Napolean Dynamite.  He pulled it off beautifully, walking around and asking who took his tots, etc.  We had 2 less active families, a less active spouse, and a non-member spouse there!  Rock on!  If only we could get that attendance at church!

YeYang is doing great.  She LOVED the BYU shirt and cookie from Over the Top!  She's SO ready for her baptism on Wednesday!!!

Mandy's doing great as well.  She went to a young single adult conference this weekend, so we haven't seen her in awhile.  Last time we met with her though, she shared an experience she had had late at night.  She was watching some paranormal stuff and just felt dark.  She tried reading her scriptures and praying and then felt prompted to read a certain section.  She recorded her experience in her journal and shared it with us.  It ended with her awesome testimony.  She knows this church is true!  We're shooting for Nov 21 for baptism!

O ya...and last week we were leading the zone for investigators with a baptismal date!  Woot!  Sisters rock!

Today we get to go to Intercourse (that's really a city's name...).  It's an Amish town.  I'm excited!  I'll send pictures next week hopefully.

Love you all!

Sister Denton

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