Sister Denton's Marvelous Mission: 10/18/10 - Letter to the World

Monday, October 25, 2010

10/18/10 - Letter to the World

Well hello all!

Thanks to my mom who reminded me of things I needed to write about!  Also, congrats to her for finishing radiation!!!

Congratulations to the Lambert Family on their little girl!  I'm excited to see her in 2012 :D

Now story time!

So, our first P-day in Lancaster, we (us and the Elders) were trying to find parking at HACC, a college in the area.  There was none in visitor parking and we couldn't find any other place to park.  We were following the Elders (the Senior Comp always drives) and they turned left, so we followed them.  I noticed a giant sign we were turning left in front of that said no left turns, but didn't say anything because we were following the Elders.  At the bottom of that hill, a cop was standing there and directed both cars and one other over to the side.  He told the Elders it would be like a $200 or something ticket and because we weren't students it was from the city, etc.  For whatever reason, he let us off with just a warning!  Apparently there are no left turns between 9am and 3pm.  Random.  Pennsylvania signs are weird.  Many stop signs have a sign under them that say "except right turns."  There are random rules here.  Anyway, we made it safe to e-mail!!

  • We haven't followed up on Benji and Cait yet.  They told us they were pretty busy in Oct, but hopefully we will this week.  We need to see them again!
  • We didn't see Lynnda this week either.  We called and left a message and she called back (a rarity), but we got no service (something that happens often in Lancaster county :D).  We tried calling back a couple of times and left a message, but haven't heard more.  I hope her friend in Utah prods her to continue meeting with us!
  • Mandy is doing well.  We still need to get her to agree on a date!  We're hoping for Nov 13 and 20.  She's going to pray about the two.
  • YeYang is got accepted to BYU this week!  That was our super exciting news!!!!!  She leaves Dec. 30.  We keep teaching her and she keeps keeping all of her commitments!  She is golden!  Sister Longmore keeps saying that she thinks Ye Yang will be like the General Primary President in China! 
  • This week we finally met Cynda.  She is a referral from the Elders.  She knows SO much about the Bible!  She seemed super distracted with her son while we were teaching, but responded very intelligently to all questions.  She was actually quoting bible scripture that supported what we were teaching!  Woot!  She said she'll read the Book of Mormon and she knows God will tell her if it's true.  He will :D
  • We got another referral we haven't met yet...Andy.  He does ghost tours in Lancaster!  Just brings people around the city telling ghost stories!  Cool :D  His wife seems nice, so maybe we'll get to teach her too :D
  • A potential that I REALLY hope we teach is Ryan.  He is SO funny.  He's a college student.  The first time we met him he totally accepted the Book of Mormon and agreed to read.  The next week, he said his roommate who he wanted us to meet wasn't there, but to come back another time.  When we came up the steps though, he was like "Ladies!  How have you been!"  It's a big contrast from other people we visit lol.  He said he had read some of the Book of Mormon too :D
  • Another potential is also named Ryan.  He's older and just got released from a Rehab center, so we're hoping to get him to go to the ARP program the church does at our building and then teach him from there.
A lot of the work we do is with less actives.  The problem is, they don't answer calls or return messages, so we have to just show up at their houses to talk to them and often they aren't home.  A lot of the time, besides lessons, is spent driving between LA members homes.

Something AMAZING this week was interviews.  I usually dread them and was dreading this one as well.  President Summerhays is so amazing, though!  The Spirit was so strong during the interview and he really lifted me up and reminded me that I, specifically, am needed at this time in this place.  He pointed out the tender mercy that Ye Yang was to us as we doubled into this area that the elders kind of messed up.  (The Elders were just going to members houses and playing games and hanging out.  They actually got evicted from their Apt for having noisy sleepovers.  That's why we were doubled in.)

Also, we have an Area Authority coming on Friday!  I can't remember his name though :(.  But, I got a call from an Elder who plays the violin and guess who gets to accompany him?  That's right!  Me :D  I'm SO excited to play the piano!!!!!!

Love ya!

Sister Denton

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