Sister Denton's Marvelous Mission: 11/8/10- Letter to the World

Monday, November 8, 2010

11/8/10- Letter to the World

Well Hello World!

Last week we went to Intercourse, PA.  It was pretty cool!  We went to some Amish shops.  I got a REALLY cool t-shirt for Chazz for Christmas.  I hope he loves it :D

This week we had a baptism!!!!  YeYang was baptized on Nov 3 and it was AMAZING!  The Spirit was SO strong.  The whole Relief Society room was filled.  We had to set up more chairs!  Our whole district came and one of the elders said it was the strongest he'd felt the Spirit on his whole mission!  It was awesome.  During the Welcome to Relief Society, the woman mentioned how the heavens are smiling on YeYang and her ancestors are SO excited at the work that can now be done for her!  People later mentioned how you could feel them exciting!  She was confirmed Sunday and it was awesome, too!  She leaves for Utah December 20 and is staying with Sister Longmore's family in Riverton.  Her friend in Sandy doesn't know she was baptized or that she's coming to BYU!  She's going to show up and surprise them :D  How awesome would it be to get her a temple recommend by then and she can go to the temple with them!?!

We taught Mandy right before the baptism and then she attended.  She had never been to one in the year she's been studying with missionaries and really enjoyed it.  She said it quelled a lot of fears she had.  She went home this weekend and we fasted for her as she was planning to talk to her mother-like aunt and dad about getting baptized.

Since one of our investigators is now a recent convert, we've been working on finding this week.  Tracting in PA is rather unproductive because people know about us, or think they do.  A lot of churches out here specifically preach against us.  You can tell who is what religion sometimes because of what they pick a fight over--modern revelation or additional scripture or "working your way to heaven."  To be a lesson, it has to be 2 principles and a prayer.  We usually talk about how the Book of Mormon is a record of people and prophets here while bible is people and prophets in the east, so it covers prophets and Book of Mormon.  If they let us keep talking, we talk about the pattern of prophets, apostasy, and the Restoration.  This is all on the doorstep.  And then we ask if we can say a prayer at the end.  We have some potentials from tracting this week (people we left a Book of Mormon with or didn't have time, but said we could come back).  We also received two referrals this week!  Yay!  Referrals are the best!!!

We're especially excited about Claretta this week.  We met her a few weeks ago.  She homeschools her 5 kids and they are very active Christians.  We kept stopping by to set up a return appointment and finally we got with her.  She said she'd like to set one up so she could read from the Book of Mormon and watch Finding Faith in Christ before she meets with us.  She asked if she could feed us dinner!  Um...yes!!  So we're having dinner there tomorrow and hopefully teaching them!  Her husband's dad is the pastor of the church they go to, but they didn't seem anti, so at least he doesn't preach against us!!  If they honestly pray about it, Heavenly Father will witness of the truthfulness of it. They are so Mormon already!  She acutally just told us she's pregnant with her 6th!  They are a CUTE family.

Another thing we're working on is 3 Part-Member families.  Last night we went to one.  The wife is active in our church and even has a calling, but is not a member.  She and her husband go to both her church and ours every Sunday.  She's kind of hesitant about having the lessons, but has a hard time saying no, so we're going to try and teach.  We don't want to offend her, but at the same time, this is the truth, ya know!?  So we'll see how that goes :D

The other part member family we started working with is nice.  We stopped by their house (after many messages) and they let us in and let us teach.  The wife recently was sealed to her parents and her son said "I want to be sealed to Gammy and Poppop."  She said, "You'll have to talk to dad about that."  He sat in on our lesson, so we're going to ask if he'd be willing to listen!

There's a LA (less-active) family in our complex that we have been getting to know, too.  Yesterday, we got there and we showed them some origami and then were able to share the Plan of Salvation.  The girls (8 and 6) were TOTALLY into it.  When we said that Jesus set the example by being baptized on earth, the 8 year old asked "Can I be baptized?"  SO CUTE!!!!!  I hope we can get them back so her dad can baptize her!

Anyway, missions are awesome!  One of my old roommates, Carolyn AKA Lizzle, just got home from hers, so shout out to her!  I can't believe she's back already!!!!

Love you all!  I'll try to send some pics of the baptism and Amish place.

Sister Denton

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