Sister Denton's Marvelous Mission: 11/22/10- Letter to the World

Monday, November 22, 2010

11/22/10- Letter to the World

Hello World!!

This week wasn't NEARLY as exciting as last week lol.  We did find out that the alarm that went off was apparently just well timed.  In these little cities, they have volunteer fireman, so when there is a fire they sound a siren to let them know to come to the station.  You catching where I'm going here....ya....

This week we went to Urgent Care for some bloodwork for Sister Longmore.  They tried to draw blood 8 times!!  They told us to come back the next morning and after 4 more times, they finally got some blood.  She has a crazy bruise now!  The waiting room was the worst--the TV was on!  Since when does Dr. Phil have a reality TV show?  It was on at Pep Boys too!  It's weird to sit and try and read and completely ignore what's on TV.

One day we were in E-Town and walked by this office and it said "Church Educational System."  I did a double take and saw our church name under it!  Who knew this office was here?!  It was way cool.  On the way back, we were walking and all of a sudden heard a man yell, "Hey Mormons!!!"  We were both way scared and turned around only to find Bro. Austin!  He's the CES coordinator in the area and is AWESOME like all other CES employees!   So that was a little scary/funny haha

For those of you who are pronouncing Lancaster as're WRONG.  That's a city in California.  It is lane-kissed-her with the emphasis on Lane.  That's the County I'm in :D

You should google the Lancaster prison.  If I ever went to jail, that's where I'd go.  Just sayin'.  It looks like a CASTLE!!

There's this shop in Mountville called "Subs and Six Packs."  Every time I pass it, I think it's like a gym/sandwich shop.  Ya...six packs in PA are not rock hard abs lol.

This week Sister Longmore felt prompted to visit a family in the ward.  We went and one of the family members was super sick and had been at the ER all day, so our message was really needed.  On the other hand, they gave us three HUGE grocery bags of food.  We were both at the end of our money for the month and this food will help us SO much!  It was amazing.  This family has a heart of gold and is absolutely incredible.

We didn't get to meet with YeYang this week because she was SUPER busy with school, but she still made it a priority to come to church!  She's doing great :D

Mandy was really close with a family that moved to Edmonds.  The father is actually flying out to baptize her!  We're shooting for December 4!  She is SO ready.

Well, time's up!

I love you all and will talk to you next week!

Happy Thanksgiving!!


Sister Denton

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