Sister Denton's Marvelous Mission: 3/12/12- Letter to the World

Monday, March 12, 2012

3/12/12- Letter to the World

Hello World!!

You better treasure every word of this because you only get this and one more!!

We started P-Day by going to the Wong's and teaching a lesson--a part-member family we've been working with for awhile.  It went well!  I love teaching!  After P-Day, we went to the Elizabethtown area--Columbia--and looked up some investigators.  The other sisters had been sick for over a month, so they hadn't been able to see their people in awhile.

Zone Conference!!!  I love training meetings!  It was great :D  I gave my departing testimony and was able to play a special musical number with Sister Topham--Oh My Father.  The same song I played at my farewell :D  She played the piano and I played the flute.  After dinner at the McAllister/Padilla (pancakes and bacon!), we headed to Manheim and split up.  Sis Foster--one of my favorite women in the world--was my companion.  We went to teach Bro Winters, now a new investigator.  His sister-in-law is a member of our ward, so she was there too.  We went to the Black's next, after being stood up for an appointment.  Sis Cahoon was there with her mom visiting the mission (she's from Redmond!), so we taught the Blacks a lesson.

We started out in Manehim and had a great talk with Zach--a potential investigator we have.  Sis Blacks came out with us.  Next we got to see Emma!  She was baptized about a year ago right after I moved to Lititz the first time.  It was SO good to teach her again!!  We went out to Columbia for the rest of the night.

We started in Manheim again with another potential who became a new investigator--Leda.  It was a good little lesson!  We hurried back to Lititz for lunch and then we went to Luthercare for Spa Day.  My finger was messed up for the last couple of days and taped up, so I did back/head massages while the other sisters did manicures.  We had dinner with a family in the E-Town ward (burritos!) and then went to see Maryrose, an E-Town investigator.  That fell through and then we headed back to Lititz for Sammy's lesson.  Sis Vega, a new move-in, came with us and it was fabulous!  Sammy is so amazing and prepared!!

After an eternally long weekly planning session, went to the Relief Society Birthday Party where we had a part in the program.  That went well and then we went to contact some referrals.

We spent the morning and afternoon in Columbia.  Dinner was FABULOUS at the Byrds--stew, dumplings, cornbread, salad, and caramel brownies and red velvet cake for dessert.  Um...yum!  We went to the Crofts, a less active family I used to teach, next and it was a fantastic lesson.  I really felt the Spirit and was able to be bold and inviting.  I love when I have thoughts come to my head of things to read or share that I hadn't planned!  Last we went to the Mercers--a new part-member family that moved into the ward.  She took the discussions in Arizona and wants to be baptized!  The lesson again was full of the Spirit and so great!!

We though we had meetings at 7:30, but they didn't start until 8, so I got to practice the piano some (I'm doing a piano solo next week in sacrament meeting).  After church, we had another FABULOUS dinner at the Holland--mesquite bbq porkloin, parmesan encrusted pork loin, rice, corn, salad, and delicious raisen cake for dessert!!  I love members!!  Sis Archer brought us milk and cereal at church, too--so grateful!!  Takes care of shopping for the week lol.  We taught the Murphy's last--another part-member family.  It went great and he agreed to work toward baptism!  Again, the spirit was strong.

I love this work.  It's true!  I'm so grateful to be a part of it and to continue being a missionary even when I go home!

Love you tons!!

Sister Denton

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