Sister Denton's Marvelous Mission: 4/4/11- Letter to the World

Monday, April 4, 2011

4/4/11- Letter to the World

This week we have one new investigator--Michael and another that's close--Morgan.

We tracted into Michael.  He's had a pretty crazy life and it's going to take a lot of faith for him to progress!

Morgan is a referral.  She's Catholic, but willing to learn about our faith.  Prayers for both are welcome!!

The rest of the week has been finding finding finding.  I've never tracted so much in my life!  We know that there are people out there who are prepared, it's just a matter of finding them!  If you have friends that might be interested in the gospel, PLEASE refer them to the missionaries!  People who see your example really do want what you have!

Between sessions on Sunday, we went out with the Elders and "blitzed" Lancaster.  We all went "Open your mouthing" at the same time.  We stayed with our companions, but it was cool to see other missionaries on the streets!

Highlights from Conference

First of all, it was so amazing to me to see my questions answered so forcefully and so fully!  I love the gospel!!!  I'll just put some of my favorite points from the conference.  I loved it all!  So many of them I need to read again and again.

Elder Perry
The adversary succeeds when we RELAX (not stop) in following the Savior.
Our youth will be a standard to the nations.
Live in such a way that will bring down the blessings promised us!

Walter F. Gonzalez
The power of covenants is greater than any challenge we face or wil face.

Kent F. Richards
Christ suffered to understand us.  We suffer to understand Him and our eternal purpose.

President Eyring
Turn feelings of sympathy into feelings of action and fulfill covenants
Prepare spiritually for the day of service in your stake

President Packer
Latter-Day Saints are positive and happy and not afraid of life.
Leave it alone

Elder Nelson
Tithing will keep your name enrolled on the rolls of God
It's going to get harder
The future is as bright as your faith

Elder Oaks
Am I ready to be judged on my desires?

Elder Ballard
Focus on the flecks, not finding nuggets

President Uchtdorf
Let us be reliable to hear the Spirit
By being the answer to someone's prayers, we often find answers to ours
Preach the gospel at all times.  If necessary, use words.
Blessed are they who haven't seen and still believe.

Paul V. Johnson
The only way to see the view is to make the climb.
Hard times precede the miracle
Don't resent things that make us better

H. David Burton
Decipher between needs and wants and live accordingly

David A. Bednar
If I continue forward I cannot go amiss
If we are obedient, the Lord will direct our steps and guide our utterances

Richard G. Scott
You will receive every blessing you live worthy of

D. Todd Christofferson
If the apostles are always looking to improve, I can too
Thank you for loving me enough to cut me down.

Carl B. Pratt
Tithing from firstlings
Tithing will increase my faith and testimony

Lynn G. Robbins
Make a "to be" list
Possessions don't define you

Love you all!  I'm off to Hershey again today :D  The Lancaster and Ephrata Districts are all going (except the other sisters...they've both been and didn't want to go again).  'Twill be fun!

Sister Denton

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