Sister Denton's Marvelous Mission: 4/18/11- Letter to the World

Monday, April 18, 2011

4/18/11- Letter to the World

As follows for this whole transfer, last week was full of finding.  We hit 52 other lessons last week.  Looking at the past transfers, the average was 10 or so.  We have been tracting machines and I know that eventually we will find those people who are prepared to hear our message!
Morgan--she cancelled our appointment this week again.  She's still willing to learn, though.  In fact, she's planning on coming to play basketball at the church with us today and we're going to try and teach her about the Word of Wisdom.
Debra and Dale--We were tracting and at the very last house (as is so often the case), Debra answered the door.  Before we even said a word, she said, "Come in!"  I thought we must've tracted into a member.  Sister Anderson and I stood in the entryway as we started sharing our message and they asked us to come sit down!  We talked about prophets and the Book of Mormon and asked what it would mean to them (Dale was in the room, too) if our message was true and Debra said, "Well, it'd mean the world!"  It's not often that people understand the importance of our message!!!!  So Debra and Dale agreed to read and pray and said we could come back!  Hopefully we'll have more to share next week!
Brianne--We did exchanges this week and I got to spend a day with Sister Cahoon from Redmond, WA!  We both went to Horace Mann Elementary and she was at Mitch's wedding!  Crazy!  While tracting, we met Brianne.  She had a lot of questions that we were able to answer with the Book of Mormon!  It was awesome.  Her husband got home and she said, "These ladies are answering the questions we always ask everyone."  She's got two CUTE kids and I really hope we can teach them!!!
Alan--We met Alan on the street.  We gave him a pass-a-long card and asked if he'd ever had any of those questions.  He said he wondered what happens when we die.  We opened to Alma 40 and shared the scripture and he was happy!  We talked about eternal marriage (he's engaged and has a 3-yr old) and the Priesthood and Baptism.  He said he'd be baptized May 7!  We went to visit him the next day and he said his fiance isn't interested and they couldn't learn anymore.  We were really downhearted.  He kept being on our minds, so we went back when we knew she was gone and talked to him again.  He said he had good feelings about it and wanted to study, but he wanted his whole family to join a church together.  He said he'd still read and pray.  You can just tell he knows it's true!  We keep praying for Vanessa, his finace, to soften her heart and be open to our message!
Well, that's the news for the week!  I'm in Lititz for another transfer!  There are a lot of Lancaster missionaries leaving again, which is sad, but it's an opportunity to get to know more missionaries!  Two of the Elders leaving doubled into Lancaster when I did, so I'm the last one left in Lancaster from that September 22 bunch!
Love you all!  The church is true :D 
Sister Denton
PS I attached a presentation that our Mission President sent us.  Enjoy :D (You can view it here.)

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