Sister Denton's Marvelous Mission: 4/25/11- Letter to the World

Monday, April 25, 2011

4/25/11- Letter to the World

Hello World!
I think I'm going to go day by day today!
Super Exciting
Super Funny
Super Spiritual
For P-Day we ended up going to the church to play basketball, as per usual.  Our shirts arrived from the screen printers, so we took double district pictures in our AWESOME mission shirts.  They forgot to order mine, so I took the pics.  After P-Day, we got to have an FHE with the AMAZING Wilson family.  Sister Wilson has one of the most beautiful testimonies I've ever heard.  It was a great experience!  I just love listening to her share her sweet faith.  Last time we were there, she told us about her new calling.  She is a Visiting Teaching Reporter and she was scared to do it the first time, but she did.  The second month, she prayed before calling everyone and got a much better response and even called the coordinator to report.  She just testified that the Lord will help us with our callings.  Almost everything out of her mouth is filled with love and the Spirit.
We did lots of finding and following up and it paid off--three new investigators!  Debra and Dale are the sweet couple that let us in last week...they let us in again!  We met Owenna while tracting in Rothsville.  We chatted outside for a bit and then she invited us in and we taught a first lesson.  She invited us back for dinner this coming week so we can get to know her husband, too!  We went to teach the scripture study class, but no one showed up, so we went over to see the Gutierrez family.  They were cooking a late dinner and she said she was making plantains.  Sis. Anderson and I said we'd never had them and she asked if we wanted to try them.  We agreed and she came out with an entire dinner plate of meat, rice, and plantains.  In case you were wondering, plantains are delicious!!
We did more finding and had a lesson with two members--Sister Wood and the Riday family.  The Riday family has eight kids and they are AWESOME!!  Ethan, especially, is adorable.  He's going to be 9 soon.  He loves to pray and is so close to the Spirit!  He came up to us at church yesterday and I shook his hand and he had this hurt look and I was like, "Oh ya...I can hug you."  So I gave him the side hug we usually do to younger kids. 
Tracting again :D  We met this Mennonite woman named Alda.  She was super nice and asked awesome questions!  This week we've met a lot of Mennonites and their two main qualms seem to be "There's nothing more than the bible" and "Prophets replace Jesus Christ."  We talked about both of those, but she still didn't want a Book of Mormon when offered.  Sister Anderson read a verse from it and after she finished, Alda said "Maybe I will take a copy."  AWESOME!! 
After service at Luthercare, We drove down for appointment with Morgan.  She wasn't there again, so we went to follow up with Brianne, who wasn't home.  Then it was up to our Ward Mission Leaders home.  We go there every week and have a meeting and then dinner with the other Elders who share the ward.  There's a theme every week and this week was New Orleans.  I was SO scared all week because she told us it'd be shrimp.  Shrimp.  It was my fault, too.  Last week, after having amazing wings and homemade pizza, I told her I didn't think she could make anything I didn't like because she was such a fabulous cook.  She said, "I can make anything?"  And we all emphatically agreed.  And then she dropped the shrimp bomb.  I was seriously sick with worry.  I almost hoped I'd be transferred so I wouldn't have to eat it.  Then I plotted doing exchanges that day, but that'd defeat the purpose of the meeting.  The day of, during lunch, I was laying down and had the thought, "You are going to love shrimp."  I told Sister Anderson I might've had a revelation, but I wouldn't know until dinner lol.  So we went in to dinner and there it was---a big bowl of shrimp.  I took a couple into my bowl and tried it.  And it was FLIPPIN' DELICOUS!!!!  WHY has no one introduced shrimp to me before?!  It was SO good.  I ate a TON of shrimp :D  There was also really good rice and veggies and as always, a phenomenal dessert.  This time it was homemade Chocolate Cream Pie.  Yum. ended well!
Next we went to a new family in the ward--the Hilliers--they are awesome :D
We went to our appointment with Debra and Dale, but they weren't there :(  So negative two investigators.  Charity cancelled her appointment, too.  We went to follow up with some others who also weren't interested.  At the end of the day, we got to see Sis. Tyler and Sis. Heaton--two wonderful women we get to visit a lot!
My birthday!  There's a cute family in the ward called the Readers with three adorable little girls.  They called me and sang me happy birthday :D  Then the best thing ever---Anderson and Lori....the couple that waved us down while tracting over a month ago...called and asked if they could go to church!!!!!  Um....YES!!!  So that was super awesome.
Ahh!  Only a minute left!!
We have a lot more potentials that hopefully you'll get to read more about as they continue to study with us!  Anderson and Lori were great, so I hope we get to teach them more too!  The church is true!  Our Savior lives and guides this church today!
Love you all!!
Sister Denton

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