Sister Denton's Marvelous Mission: 3/21/11- Letter to the World

Monday, March 21, 2011

3/21/11- Letter to the World

Well hello world!
So we got some bitter-sweet news on Wednesday night.  Sister Green got her visa, so we dropped her off at the airport this morning.  She should be in Brasilia, Brazil tomorrow!  I'll see her in a year :D are the awesome things for the week!!
After tracting for 1 1/2 or so, the last house we stopped at was answered by a 15 year old girl.  We'd just been talking about how to approach minors, and I was about to just leave a card and call it good, but Sister Anderson kept talking.  She asked Lori what she would think about having a prophet today.  Her eyes grew huge and she said, "I was just asking that in youth group!  I wondered why there wouldn't be prophets today!"  We were able to testify that there are.  She kept asking questions that led to the entire first lesson!  She is so excited to read the Book of Mormon.  In fact, when we said we'd give her one, she was like, "Really!?  I was going to go get one!"  She is so sweet and I really hope we're able to continue teaching her.
Melanie had not been home, so we thought she ditched us, but we stopped by again and she still wants to meet with us, has been reading, and has questions!!
Leadership Training all day--we were invited.  President gave us some new goals and training.  'Twas awesome.  One of my favorite parts was when they announced the new music rule--it's alright to listen to LDS music besides hymns!  Hallelujah!  
We'd been praying for a family since Thursday (Sister Anderson is especially good at remembering to do it EVERY prayer).  We were following up with some Potentials, and Sister Green told us that the house numbers they wrote down didn't match with what she remembered, so she took us to this other house to follow up with "Alexis."  We rang the doorbell and after a little bit, there was a guy yelling that we just kind of ignored.  As we started walking to the next house, we saw him on the back porch.  He asked who we were looking for and we said anyone.  He invited us up to the porch.  His fiancee Elaine then told him to invite us in, which he (Josh) did.  She left, but a woman was still there, and Josh asked if we were going to be there long if we'd like to go sit down, so we did!  We taught him Lesson 1.  He didn't really understand all of it, but he wants to.  He's willing to read and pray.  He considers us sent from God because that doorbell we rang has never worked since they'd lived there.  Never once.  He said that obvdiously God wanted him to hear our message.  Elaine got home and we were able to tell her a couple of things and have a prayer with all of them and get a return appointment!  They have a LOT to work through, but all things are possible through Christ!  As we were walking back to the car, Sister Green realized that the house numbers that were written down WERE right.  The Lord works in mysterious ways!
After dinner, we went to tract some more.  Actually...funny story.  At dinner, one of us who shall remain nameless had stepped in dog poo inside the house (trust me, this relates).  After we left, she kept trying to get it off her foot, but finally just got in the car to go tract.  We stopped at the beginning of a street, but she didn't want to use their front yard to clean her feet off more, so we drove to the end of the street and parked in a parking lot to use a little patch of grass.  Because of this, we started tracting at the other end of the apartments.  The first house held no one, but the second house did.  She seemed real nice.  She put her dogs away and then opened the door, and the first questions we asked was, "Are you from around here?"  She was a little taken aback, but that's where the line of questioning went for a little bit.  She invited us in the doorway and Sis. Anderson started talking about the Book of Mormon without calling it that and asked if it could strengthen her faith.  She said it could and then asked what church we were from.  When we told her, she covered her mouth and gasped.  She said, "My son served a mission for that church and 2 other of my children joined that church at different times.  I'm also a member of that church, but recently moved here, and have been going back and forth on whether or not I should go back.  Come upstairs!"  It was wonderful.  I love being led by the hand of God!  He knew that she needed the church.  He really does know us personally!
Well, that's some of the adventures for the week!  I love being a missionary!  It's so amazing to see God's hand in every aspect of our lives!! 
Love ya!
Sister Denton


  1. Hello! My name is Leandro and I was approached by Sister Green on 01/04/2011 and schedule a visit in my home for my family to know your work, but unfortunately there was a sudden and I could not arrive on time at the scheduled time. Sorry ... The only call I got was it to your blog. You have to make contact with her and reschedule a visit? My address is Block 203, Edificio Dom Pedro II Apartment 1004 Clear Waters - My phone number is 055 3526 2522 61 05 561 or 61 92142522 or 9213 055 6267 my wife. Thank you for your attention and congratulations for the excellent work in publicizing the works of Jesus ...


    God bless you

  2. Leandro! I didn't have access to this while on my mission. I hope you were able to get in touch with her again! Did you continue meeting with missionaries? Would you like to meet with missionaries again?