Sister Denton's Marvelous Mission: 1/31/11- Letter to the World

Monday, January 31, 2011

1/31/11- Letter to the World

Shalom world!! new companion is Sister Johnson.  If you look at past pictures of me with a bunch of sister missionaries, she's the red-head.  I'm the tall one now!  Holla!

Funny story for the week--

I was doing a load of laundry and noticed that my dryer sheets were gone.  I made mention that maybe Sister Longmore took them with her.  So I did the whole load and then as I was moving them up to the dryer, I found a dryer sheet in the wash and thought, "Well, I have at least one!"  Then I found more and more and then small pieces of wet cardboard and then a ruined box with more dryer sheets in it haha.  So...ya I found my dryer sheets.

Through searching my past e-mails, I realized I never shared the following story...

One night I was vacuuming and vacuumed up the strap to my laundry bag.  I turned off the vacuum, pulled it out, and the vacuum wouldn't suck anymore (the hose still worked).  The next morning, Sister Longmore all of a sudden heard the vacuum on in the bathroom, which caused some consternation.  She went in and saw me with the hose in the dryer.  So....I had put my laundry in the night before and went to move it up  to the dryer the next morning.  The thing is, I apparently never started it, so the dry soap went everywhere, including into the dryer.  I didn't know how else to get it out without vacuuming it!  So I did lol.  Then, just a couple of hours later, Sis. Longmore was saying her closing prayer for personal study when she heard me fill a glass of water, set it down, spill it all over the table, and hurridly scoop up everything on the table.  All within 24 hours.  Ya. 

Miracle story for the week--

One morning I was walking around and realized my CTR ring wasn't on.  I was quite distraught because it's one from Kyle that I really love.  I never take it off for anything because it's really not that loose and I don't worry about it falling off.  I had taken a shower and washed my hands already that morning and was pretty much convinced that it had gone down the drain.  I went to say a prayer out by my desk, but my comp was in there, so I went in the bedroom and knelt at my bed.  I basically said, "Heavenly Father--you know where my ring is and you know how much it means to me.  Please, if it be Thy will, help me to find it."  Not two seconds later I had the thought to look in my bed, despite the fact that in the 3 or so years I've had it, it's never fallen off at night.  I pulled back the comforter and it was sitting there right in the middle of my bed.  I didn't even have to get off my knees, so I was able to say a prayer of thanks right away.  Heavenly Father really does know us and care about us! I've been able to use the story a couple of times in teaching!

Important People--we have a ton.  I started calling this "Miracle Week" like Shark Week because good things just kept happening!  Many of them were on my dad's birthday, so happy birthday dad!

Well, Sutton was back in town this week, but we sure wouldn't know it.  We've called him like 4 times to no avail.  The friends he's made in the ward got in contact with him enough to hear him say he'd be at church on Sunday, but he wasn't there.  Pray for him!  I think we're going to call the woman who referred him and see what's up.

Bryce and Leah
We found these two tracting.  Sister Longmore and I knocked and he was barely awake (he does shift work), but took a Book of Mormon.  We stopped by a couple of weeks later, having almost forgotten him, and his wife answered.  He was gone, but she said he'd been reading and that she was going to look into it too!  We set up an appointment and Sister Johnson and I met with them this week.  They are awesome!  They agreed to continue reading and praying and I did my first baptismal invite.  Holla!  So, we meet with them again tomorrow.  They didn't come to church, but they didn't really say they would, either.  Pray for them!

Natasha was a referral.  We receive referrals in text messages.  The best texts you could ever receive!  So, she wanted a bible.  We asked if she wanted a Book of Mormon, too, and she said, "Well, I'm Christian."  We explained what it was and she agreed to take it.  Sister Johnson and I stopped by to follow up and she answered the door with a cigarette and I just remember thinking, "Oh no."  So she let us right in and when I asked if she'd been reading, expecting the, "Oh, I haven't had time." that we normally get, she said yes!  Since she'd read the bible, she decided to start with the Book of Mormon!  She was in like chapter 4!  She'd highlighted things and written questions on post-it notes!  Her questions showed that she was REALLY reading!  We have an appointment with her on Tuesday!  SUPER exciting!

Fred This is just a cool guy we tracted into.  He was visiting and actually lives in the other sister's area, but as we were teaching, he said he didn't think there was a true church.  We talked a little about Joseph Smith and then he said that he doesn't really believe there's a hell, but that everyone should go to heaven because we're all God's children.  I pulled out a Plan of Salvation pamphlet and he said, "Maybe I was a Mormon and didn't even know it!"  haha  So we got to give a referral which was AWESOME.

Delsa She was a referral we got while tracting.  We have an appointment with her on Tuesday. 

We found him tracting.  He has a Book of Mormon and is open to learning more :D

So basically, there are a lot of cool people in our lives right now!  Keep praying for Mandy.  She really needs those prayers.  She hasn't been to church since she was confirmed.

Also, pray for Juan, for my brother :D

Well, it's time to go!

I love you all and will talk to you again next week!

Sister Denton

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