Sister Denton's Marvelous Mission: 2/7/09- Letter to the World

Monday, February 7, 2011

2/7/09- Letter to the World

Hello World!!

So, this week I think I'll go day by day :D

MondayP-Day--we played BxB with the sisters and elders.  Way fun.  There was freezing rain that night.

More freezing rain.  Schools were closed, so Natasha couldn't meet with us (she wanted her kids at school).  That was convenient because Sister Johnson lost the keys!  We looked everywhere and couldn't find them.  We're not supposed to go out in freezing rain anyway, so we stayed in for a little bit and then walked to our appointment with Delsa, since we didn't have a number to cancel.  She was sick with strep, but we gave her a Book of Mormon and she agreed to read.  We gave a quick Restoration lesson on the sidewalk and then left.  We tracted some more.  That evening there was more freezing rain and we had no access to the car, so we were in for the night. 

WednesdayMore freezing rain.  Because of our lack of a car and the weather, District Meeting was moved to Friday.  Sister Johnson found the keys, so we went tracting.  Natasha canceled again because the kids were home.  We met with Ethan--he was a potential we found tracting.  That night, a member picked us up and brought us to see two less active families.  One we were really excited about because she hadn't come in years and her non-member-fiance had "A lot of questions for us."  Turns out they were all anti questions.  He's really well-read and had a LOT of questions.  It was all done in a very calm way and I really think that Britton (the less-active woman) still has some semblance of a testimony because she asked for a Book of Mormon for her son so he can make the decision.  We went to the Vernons afterward--I love them!

ThursdayWe FINALLY got to meet with Natasha!!  She is wonderful!  She was already in 1 Ne 16 and loving it.  She started talking about some struggles she had in life and that she had asked, "God, where are you?"  I shared Joseph's experience in Liberty jail and read from Section 121.  As I read, "My son, peace be unto thy soul..." and that whole verse, the Spirit was so strong.  She had me write it down and asked for a copy of the Doctrine and Covenants.  She said that "This Joseph Smith guy seems to answer a lot of questions."  She's going to be baptized on March 25 with her daughter (once we start teaching her lol...).  She's awesome!!!

We saw Mandy this evening and gave her her baptism book (a book with pictures and notecards that people wrote on while she was changing).  Keep praying for her.  She told us a couple of days later that as she looked through it and remembered that day, she was crying.  The Spirit is prompting her, she just needs to heed it!  She needs the church!

We had a meeting with a potential that she canceled because of sickness.  Darn sickness!  We met with the Paynes again and they said they'd be at church (they were!) 

We got to see Sister Cue (the 84 yr old from England).  I love her.  She bought us dinner.  Then we went to an AMAZING baptism.  The Spirit was so strong.  Baptisms are the best!  It was the first I've seen where an Elder did the ordinance and it made me think of the work my bros are doing :D  The Priesthood is amazing!  As he raised his hand to the square, I felt that so strongly.

Testimony meeting was incredible.  I love the Spirit and the Priesthood!  It is such a blessing to be a member of the restored Church of Jesus Christ!!

Well, that's all I have time for!  The pic is from my brother Cody...I thought it was pretty awesome :D

Invite a friend to church!

Love ya!

Sister Denton

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