Sister Denton's Marvelous Mission: 1/24/11- Letter to the World

Friday, January 28, 2011

1/24/11- Letter to the World

Hello World!!

So....drumroll please......Sister Longmore is
getting transferred.  We don't know where to and we don't know who's
coming, but that's the news for now!!

Now for the week

Mandy is back in town!  We got to teach her about temples!  I love her!

ThursdayWe went and saw this less-active family that I LOVE--the Crofts.  They were
SUPER active until like 6 years ago, and then completely stepped out of
all church activity.  We've been teaching them every week or so, but to
no avail.  Sister Longmore has been really praying about them and felt
impressed that they need to read the Book of Mormon, so we started
reading it with them.  At this meeting, we mentioned to Brooke (the 16
year old) that there was another awesome girl her age that didn't come
to church, but that we wanted them to meet.  As I was describing her,
she realized she knew her!  They were friends at school and neither knew
the other was LDS!  I was like, "Well you need to get her to church!"
and then we said the same things to the other girl--Brooke Payne. 
Anyway...see Saturday for awesomeness.

FridayWe got to have dinner with Jessica Brotherson.  This
woman is amazing.  She's a single mom and has really decided this year
to make it a point to go to church--all three hours.  Her kids are SO
awesome, too.  I love going over there!

SaturdayWe got to teach Mandy again!  We started reading
the Book of Mormon with her, too.  She's already in Alma and reading
along like crazy.  She really understands it!  We got to read with her
about Ammon and Abish.  Awesome stories!  That evening, before dinner,
we were doing a "round-up," where we call everyone we've been working
with and invite them to church.  We called the Crofts and she said
she'd talk to her husband.  Then she called back and left a message and
said that Brooke wanted to talk to us.  Then Brooke got on and said,
"I talked with Brooke at school and we decided that we're coming to
that young women thing on Wednesday."  WHAT?!?!!  That's AWESOME!!!!!!  I
guess they decided while talking that they really weren't Mormon
material, but that if they went together, they wouldn't be scared to
go.  So they're coming!!!!!  I'm SO excited!!!!

 The Paynes came to church again!  And this time
Brooke came too (she had to work last week).  Last week only Marie
stayed for classes (she's 8), but this time we got Alison and Brooke
to stay, too.  Sister Payne snuck out, but we'll work on that lol. 
Marie went to Activity Days last week and LOVED it.  There is this
AMAZING little 8 yr old named Ashley.  When I told Ashley that Marie was
coming to church for the first time and asked if she could take her to
class, she said, "Sure!!"  With a huge smile and they've been friends
ever since!  In fact, we were starting to get worried that the Paynes
weren't coming and Ashley was really sad.  She asked for their address so
she could write Marie a letter.  When I showed Ashley that Marie had
come after sacrament meeting, Ashley yelled her name in excitement and gave
her a big hug!  What a little missionary!!

We went to dinner at the Paynes and I gave Marie a Faith in God
book.  She said, "I still don't have one of those other books!!"  I was
like, "The Book of Mormon?"  And she was like, "ya!!"  haha.  So I
pulled a BoM out of my bag and now she's asking us for a bible.  I'll
have to bring that next week.  So cute.  I hope Marie is the one that
gets her family back.

There's this other cute little 8 yr old missionary girl in our ward
name Brandy.  She has a "boyfriend" at school and a couple of weeks ago,
she was talking to her parents and was like, "I guess if we're going to
get married in the temple, he has to be Mormon.  *sigh* Dad, I guess
I'll need that Book of Mormon out of your truck."  How cute is that?! 
Oh my word, it's precious!

Love ya!

Sister Denton

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