Sister Denton's Marvelous Mission: 12/27/10- Letter to the Word

Monday, December 27, 2010

12/27/10- Letter to the Word

Hello World!

I hope ya’ll had a MERRY CHRISTMAS!

We had a very busy week!

Monday, we went to the airport and dropped Sis. Owens off to fly her to Brazil!  Then Sis. Gibson moved in.  We’ve been covering both areas all week and have been in the car for at least 60 miles every day.  Crazy!!  Most days were even more than that!  We got to watch The Restoration with a less-active family at the end of the day.
Tuesday we volunteered at the Lancaster County Council of Churches.  It’s a food bank.  That was fun.  Then an older Sister in our ward took us out for lunch at Bob Evan’s.  SUPER good!  Then we went and did service in the Lititz area (the other sister).  We went to a Lutheran Retirement Center and got to talk to residents at a Christmas Party.  It was really cool.  Next we went to the Jones’ for dinner.  They were baptized just over a year ago.  We then taught the first half of the Plan of Salvation.  ‘Twas awesome!  Then we went to the SMITH’S (I love them!) and watched Mr. Krueger’s Christmas.  They gave us more of their extra Kellog’s food (he works for them) as well as some other food.  Then we went to the Karchner’s, but only the mom was home.  Right as we were about to teach the lesson, her foster kids (non-members) and less-active husband came home, so we got to teach them!  Awesome!

Wednesday we tried to go sing at an old folk’s home after district meeting with the elders, but the place was booked (we went back Friday).  We had an appointment in Lititz, dinner in Mount Joy, and an appointment in Mount Joy with an AWESOME less-active couple.  They are SO cute!  They were married like 7 months ago, and are working towards the temple.  The thing is they need to come to church…we don’t know why they don’t come yet.  We taught an awesome L2 and the Spirit was definitely there as the wife talked about her brother who died who she wanted to invite to church and how she wants the work done now.  It was so cute, though…they had the fireplace DVD in on the TV w/ Christmas music, hot bread and candies ready, and cookies in the oven.  LOL.  Such awesome homemakers!

Thursday we had part of P-Day since the last P-Day was spent helping Sis. Owens get off to Brazil.  We went and got our hair cut at the Jones'.  Next we went to teach Brittney—an investigator in the Lititz area.  She is a 7th Day Adventist.  She’d been looking for truth for a long time and finally found that church.  They have many of the same beliefs, so she doesn’t really understand why we would ask her to try our church.  We taught her L2 and asked her to continue praying about it and reading the Book of Mormon.  She had a pseudo-grandson come home and it was cool to hear her tell him about Joseph Smith.  She believes he’s a prophet, she just doesn’t understand what that means.  We had to go on splits to cover dinner appointments and then we met back up to teach Tyson.  He’s AWESOME!!!  He’s been asking about the temple, so we watched Between Heaven and Earth (phenomenal).  Afterward, we asked if he had any questions.  The only one he had was “How do I get in?”  Ahh!  Sweet :D  He got the Priesthood Sunday and will get a temple recommend next week!

Christmas Eve we got to go caroling with a couple of Elders at an Old Folk’s home.  We did it for an hour or two and it was SO fun!  We stopped by a few houses on the way to our dinner appointment at the Bishops.  He had two non-member neighbors over, so that was cool.  After dinner, his kids each played a song for us on the piano and then we had a little Christmas program—reading passages from the Bible and Book of Mormon and singing.  Afterward, bishop asked me to play something and then one of the non-member women played something, too.  We had a request to carol at a specific house and did that before driving home.

Christmas was awesome.  We opened our presents in the morning (thank you!) and then went to one family for breakfast, another for lunch, and another for dinner!  ‘Twas fun.  We also contacted a referral who seems to have TONS of potential.  She was SO happy we came.  The best part was calling home :D  I got to talk to my bros, too, which was AWESOME! 

Sunday we got snow—just an inch or two.  We were in the Litiz area after church and contacted another referral who wants to meet with us again.  We also got to teach Tyson again!  We watched Joseph:  Prophet of the Restoration (the one that’s been playing at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building).  It’s AMAZING and really brings the Spirit and you can now buy it on DVD!  Woot!
Well, that's it!  Today we're going to Harrisburg again to pick up Sis. Green--the new Sister!  We'll be back to just our area :D
Love ya'll!
Sister Denton

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