Sister Denton's Marvelous Mission: 5/31/11- Letter to the World

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

5/31/11- Letter to the World

Hello World!

I am writing to you from sunny State College, PA!!  Woot!

State College Outer is one of two sisters areas in this part of PA.  We are about 3 hours NW of Lancaster.  Penn State is here, so I'll be working a lot with the College students.  We have one family ward and then the other sisters have another family ward and we share the Singles Branch.  Should be fun!

Now about my last week in Lititz.

Day Fam
They didn't make it to church this week, so we've got to push the baptism back.  I'm not sure when it will be yet.  We're going to have them pray about it as a family so they are more committed to it I think.  I love them tons :D

Winford's our awesome new potential that I just love to pieces!!!  Sister Anderson and I both just love this kid so much! (don't worry...the approved kind of love lol)  He is 20 and just has SUCH a desire to be good.  He's had a crazy past, but is doing all he can now to be the best he can.  We met him the first time tracting on like Tuesday or so and he said he'd be willing to meet again and read.  The second time we came by was Thursday and we needed a ride for two little boys to scouts.  He gave them a ride and came to the Blue and Gold with them!  It was so cool!  He helped them in the father/son cake decorating contest, too.  He also had read 4 pages at that point (which is phenomenal!).  We met with him the next day and taught part of lesson 1.  He had read a little more.  We weren't completely sure he wanted to keep learning, but after we left that lesson, he texted and told us that this is really what he needs in life right now.  That was Friday and we invited him to church.

We didn't see him at church and figured he just slept in or something.  We went to see him Sunday to say goodbye and asked about church...he had gone and just sat in the back and left after!  We didn't believe him at first, but he proved it!  He had come in alone, sat through sacrament, and left alone!  We told him that next time he can definitely come sit by us!  We were able to talk to his mom and brother, too.

Monday, he called and said he wanted to meet to give me a going away present, so we met him at the library.  He wouldn't let me open it then, but we got to teach him again.  Sunday night I had challenged him to read from the Book of Mormon in the morning, even a little bit, and pray and he would have a better day (he was expecting a horrible day).  Monday we asked him about it...he had read--2 verses (1 wasn't enough and 3 would be overdoing it)--but he had a pretty good day!  We taught part of lesson 2 and talked some about baptism. He really had a distaste for religion before.  He told us he's never believed in anything before, and now he's trying to.  I asked him how he's been feeling and he said, "Pretty good."  It's so cool to see him making these little steps!

As we left, I opened up this cute little angel ornament that says "Best Teacher" on the wings.  So cute!  We turned around to thank him and Sister Anderson told him it was the sweetest thing she'd ever seen.  He was like, "Ah man, why you got to do this to me?"  Winford is AWESOME!

We saw Anton and Ellie again, but didn't really teach them this time.  They did come to church!  We also got to see Tyson again :D  He said he's been reading still!

Well, I've gotta go, but I love you all!

Sister Denton

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