Sister Denton's Marvelous Mission: 5/23/11- Letter to the World

Monday, May 23, 2011

5/23/11- Letter to the World

Hello world!!

I'd first like to congratulate everyone on surviving the end of the world.  I'm not sure how much it was advertised in Utah, but everyone out here was talking about the end of the world being this past Saturday--May 21, 2011.  Well, in celebration of it (no relation really, lol), we attended a baptism!  I don't know if I ever really talked about the Mendoza family when I was in Millersville, but they were a LA family we started trying to get in contact with.  While I was there, we got Alan (the non-baptized 9-yr-old son) to scouts and church.  He was baptized Saturday!  So cool!

The Day Family is doing fabulously.  They are FABULOUS missionaries!  This week they all came to church PLUS Sis. Day' friends Laura (and her daughter) and Tomy (who is a new investigator of last night)...they were at the blessing night if I talked about that last week...PLUS Neomi's friend.  It was AWESOME.  They are so filled with faith and so eager to learn and pray and ask and know!  I love teaching them.  They are an absolutly incredible family and the Day are all set with Jessica 4!  Woot!

We didn't see Tomy this week (not the Tomy from above...the Seventh Day Adventist)

The referral family dropped us.

We met a new family tracting and we had a RA with them and taught L1.  We got another RA!  I hope they progress!  It's a mom, dad, and six kids.  Super cute!

We had Zone Conference this week.  'Twas fun as always!

Yesterday we got another new investigator--Emelda.  We tracted into her and she let us right in!  We taught L1 and she was receptive and set up a RA.  I'm excited to teach her more!  She has a cute little 2-yr-old and lives with her bf who we've yet to meet.

We also have a TON of RA with different potentials this week, so hopefully we'll have even more amazing people to talk about next week!

I love you all!  Have a FABULOUS week.  I'm not sure if I'll be able to e-mail next week, but we shall see!

Sister Denton

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